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51 Canals Set for Dredging in SE Cape

Cape Coral, Florida


Cape Coral started a three-year process to dredge 51 canals in Cape Coral to make it easier for boaters to get in and out. We found out which canals will see relief.

Sara Dennerline says she's relieved to see the dredging begin in the canal behind her Cape Coral home.

"I was just very depressed with this and we had foreclosed homes around us," she said.

After multiple delays, the project finally started this week.

"I can't tell you what it means to us to finally have this taken care of," Dennerline said.

But the canal behind her house is just one of many to be dredged. The city did a survey of all the canals in Southeast Cape Coral and found 51 in need.

"It turns out there was more than 42,000 cubic yards of material that needs to be taken out of the canals to provide safe drainage and safe boating," said Cape Coral businesses manager Mike Ilczyszyn.

The city is paying Gator Dredging $3.2-million to make all 51 canals at least 5-feet deep.

It's a new approach for the city. Before, dredging only occurred if a resident complained.

"We would survey that canal on a complaint driven process and then it would be put on a list," said Ilczyszyn.

But now the city has a master plan of which canals need dredging the most.

It will take three years to finish the canals in the southeast then they'll move to the southwest.

Click here to see a complete look at the canals on the list for dredging.

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