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Marina Dredging

Maintaining the depth of a marina, whether private or public, is vital in protecting patron vessels from damage. Regular dredging ensures that boaters can move freely in and out of these passages without fear. Keeping a marina or canal clear can also benefit both businesses and ecosystems upstream from where the dredging takes place.

Ellicott®'s standard dredge product line includes multiple dredge solutions for these applications. The 360SL Swinging Dragon® dredge and 460SL Swinging Dragon® dredge are ideal for this application. Neither of these dredges use swing anchors or cables that can become a hazard to boat traffic.

This public marina hired a local contractor to use a 360SL Swinging Dragon® dredge to remove silt and restore the canal's original depth. Due to its self-positioning, cable-free design, the 360SL Swinging Dragon® dredge allowed local boaters to freely move in and out of the marina during the dredging project.

Some marinas own and operate their own dredge allowing for immediate action against unwanted shoaling and emergency dredging after storms. The owner of this 360SL Swinging Dragon® dredge also contracts his dredge to neighboring marinas for similar jobs.

Suffolk County New York owns and operates its own group of Ellicott® dredges. This group is responsible for annual maintenance of local canals, marinas, and beaches on Long Island, New York, USA.

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