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Special Electric Mining Dredge - AWAMAH

Owner - Saudi Petrochemical (SADAF), Saudi Arabia


Hull Size - length in feet 118'
Maximum Digging Depth 33'
Suction Pipe Size - ID 14"
Discharge Pipe Size - ID 12"
Dredge Pump Horsepower 1000
Excavator Horsepower 600
Total Installed Horsepower 2200

Ellicott® commissioned a special electric bucketwheel dredge to mine hard rock salt for Saudi Petrochemical (SADAF) at its Jubail, Saudi Arabia plant. SADAF is a joint venture of Shell and Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corp. (SABIC). SADAF processes the salt into chlorine for PVC and caustic soda. The chlorine from the salt is used as a feedstock for a petrochemical plant which makes everything from polyvinyl chloride to photographic film.

SADAF said its new Ellicott® dredge will increase the plant's production because its 95% uptime rate is 25% better than SADAF's existing non-Ellicott® dredge and because of its superior technology. Ellicott® points to its development of higher horsepower wheels, the use of highly reliable variable speed AC electric motor drives, and state-of-the-art hydraulics as the primary examples improved technology. The 600 HP dual wheel has the most HP ever applied to a wheel of this diameter (94") to deliver the high cutting forces required. Ellicott® believes the monolithic salt deposit in Saudi Arabia involves the hardest digging of any mine in the world using bucketwheel dredges.

Ellicott® was able to complete commissioning after the August invasion of Kuwait even though the mine is close to the Kuwait border.

Highly customized bucketwheel dredge suitable for operations in hard salt deposit under extremely hostile climatic conditions. Better technology reduces unit production costs because of higher dredge uptime.

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