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Excavating submerged sand is the most common use of a dredge.  Sand dredging operations are present in every corner of the globe.  No matter what your sand dredging production requirements are, an Ellicott® Dragon® dredge is capable of satisfying your demand. 

For sand dredging, Ellicott® Dragon® dredges are used in both man made pit mines and open river systems.

Sand discharge from Ellicott® Series 670 Dragon® Dredge working in Nigeria.

sand dredge florida

This sand mine required some extra digging depth and Ellicott®’s Florida, USA based customer had to utilize a Series 370HP Dragon® dredge with 42ft (12.8m) digging depth to reach the deepest of his sand deposit.


sand dredger

Shown here is a Series 870 Jet Dragon® dredge that is
electrically powered.  Engine emission laws in New
Jersey, USA required this sand dredging operation to power its dredge and booster pump electrically.

Sand Dredger

This sand mine had very specialized requirements for its mine. The deposits of this New Jersey, USA mine were beyond the depth of any of Ellicott®’s standard dredge models. Ellicott® sales and engineering worked closely with this operation to design a custom sand dredge that could reach 80ft (24m) digging depth.

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