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Allen Harbor Dredging Project Photographs

October-November 2004

Source: Tom Leach, Harbormaster - Harwich, Massachusetts

Allen Harbor Dredging Completed
Harbormaster Tom Leach has reported to the Town Administrator that the Allen Harbor Dredging project for 2004 was completed on Thursday November 4, 2004 by the Barnstable County Dredging Department. Using an Ellicott® Series 670 "DRAGON®" Dredgenamed CODFISH the County dredge team deepened the Allen Harbor entrance channel to its permit control depth of 6' at 100' width over 2800' by pumping 12,000 cubic yards of sand to nearby public and private beaches as determined by the Board of Selectmen. The Harbormaster allowed an additional 2,000 yards of material be taken to reach the controlling depth. The cost of the project $66,000 at $5.55/cu. yard is being paid for from a series of articles called the Town dredging reserve fund. Material in this project had not been placed on the beaches east of Allen Harbor since 1998 when 2,417 cu. yards was placed at Wah Wah Taysee Road beach.

Many thanks to Wayne Jaedtke and crew of the County Dredge team for their efforts in getting the job done deepening the Allen Harbor Channel to 6' controlling depth so boat traffic will be clear to go and beach strollers can now legally pass.


Tom Leach, Harbormaster

Allan Harbor Dredging Project Allen Harbor dredging project completed 11/04/04 looking east from Wah Wah Taysee Road Beach Beach strollers hoop it up at
Wah Wah Taysee Road's new beach
More of the Allen Harbor Dredging spoil area. Beach is nice and wide. Note wide beach ends at Cottage Ave. and Lincoln Ave. (photo credit Tom Leach 11/4/04) This photo of completed dredging project November 2004 looking west from Cottage Ave. toward Hulse Point. Photo taken before high tide by Tom Leach About halfway through project. Stones in breakwater in front are getting buried near Kugler's house. The erosion was literally at the base of these revetments in this area before project began.
Dredge pipe deposits sand at Wah Wah Taysee Road beach at the beginning of channel dredging project.  Fill material can be seen in background as dredging disposal begins Oct. 2004 Seagulls await a meal as the dredge pipe spews sand and water. That's the CODFISH Barnstable County Ellicott® Dredge in background. Photo courtesy Harwich Harbormasters Office. Harbormaster Tom Leach and Wayne Jaedtke, Dredge Coordinator at Wah Wah Taysee looking east along Wynderemere Bluff 11/1/04

Photo credits Tom Leach and Rene Read

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