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No matter what your application, Ellicott can supply a dredge that meets your needs.

Do you have a long term, unusual or demanding project that requires a dredge to meet very specific operating and production objectives? For example, a bucketwheel dredge that is high production, deep digging, electric, and automated, for operating in the extreme high temperature of the Middle East? Or an all-stainless steel dredge designed to operate in extreme low Arctic temperatures? No problem - Ellicott will undertake the design and supply of a custom dredge that is tailored to meet your needs, no matter how extreme.

Or, are your requirements more conventional but you require a dredge quickly? In that case, Ellicott offers the most comprehensive line of standard design dredges in the industry with most models in stock. This includes dredges which range from 8" (200mm) thru 26" (650mm); and digging depths from 15' (4.5m) thru 60' (18m).

Because they are designed to perform above expectations in very typical dredging conditions, our standard design dredges cover a huge variety of applications. This concept of a "universal" design allows the same dredge to perform well for a contractor with a river dredging project in tropical conditions, and working in a mine pumping tailings, with temperatures down to -40C. There are several cases where the same dredge has been moved between both of the projects described above, and performed well in each. This is one reason why Ellicott dredges maintain such high resale value.

And for even more slightly demanding conditions, the standard dredges can be easily upgraded with standard options such as booster pumps, special cutters, spud carriages, and anchor booms.


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