Draga Ellicott 1270 de 18” en Rio Salado, Argentina

draga-argentinaUna draga Ellicott modelo 1270 con bomba de diámetro de 18” y potencia total de 1350 HP viene realizando trabajos de dragado para control de inundaciones en el rio Salado, cerca de la ciudad de General Belgrano, en Argentina. El proyecto incluye la remoción de aproximadamente 15 millones de metros cúbicos de arena y sedimento del rio. El objetivo con este proyecto es el aumento de la capacidad de conducción del rio. Además, el material extraído se utiliza para recuperar tierras bajas cercanas, incrementando su elevación, para así evitar las inundaciones recurrentes. Gracias a esto además, se incrementa al área de tierra productiva en la región. La zona a dragar cubre unos 37 km de longitud del rio. Las empresas José J. Chediack y Helport son las responsables de este proyecto.

argentina-draga-1270Uno de los aspectos claves de este proyecto fue el tema logístico. Las riberas en la zona a trabajar cuentan con muy limitado acceso, lo cual fue un punto a considerar como parte de la movilización de la draga de 30m de largo y casi 100 toneladas. Afortunadamente esta draga, a pesar de su tamaño, es relativamente fácil de movilizar, montar y desmontar sin necesidad de mayor infraestructura. Los técnicos de Chediack y Helport impresionaron al personal de Ellicott por la eficiencia, profesionalismo y rapidez durante la movilización, armado y puesta en marcha de esta draga, lo cual se realizó en muy pocos días y sin mayores problemas.

ellicott-draga-argentinaOtras dificultades que se han dado durante este proyecto son las recurrentes inundaciones, las cuales paralizan las operaciones por varios meses debido a que hacen imposible acceder a los lugares de trabajo e inundan los lugares de depósito de material. Además de esto, existe un total de cuatro puentes a través de los cuales las dragas solo pueden ser trasladadas cuando el rio está bajo.

SAMIT, empresa representante de Ellicott en Argentina brindo apoyo clave durante el ensamblaje y puesta en marcha de la draga y al día de hoy continua brindando su apoyo para cualquier tema post-venta.


Marina Dredging at Fire Island was successfully completed with an Ellicott dredge

Watch Hill Marina Dredging Completed

Fire Island National Seashore’s Watch Hill marina is now open following successful completion of the maintenance dredging program.

Watch-Hill-Marina-Dredging-CompletedThe dredging completed in the Watch Hill channel will provide safe passage for ferries, emergency services, and private boaters for many summers to come” said Fire Island National Seashore Facility Manager James Dunphy.

Portions of the navigation channel to Watch Hill – accessible by passenger ferry, private boat, and foot only – were dredged this past winter to maintain safe, public access to marina and docking facilities.

More than 29,000 cubic yards of material were removed from the channel despite winter weather delays. The dredge project, funded by Hurricane Sandy appropriations, began in December 2014 and was stalled until mid-March due to severe winter weather and extensive ice in the Great South Bay.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation granted a permit extension to H&L Contracting in January 2015 to extend the operation past the initial January 15, 2015 deadline and work was completed on March 31, 2015.

Source Dredging Today

Ellicott 460SL Swinging Ladder dredge to be used for marsh restoration at Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge

Prime Hook Refuge work to start in June

Work to restore the marshes at Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge is expected to start June 15, the first phase in a $38 million plan to build storm and sea level rise resiliency on the 10,144-acre federal holding along Delaware Bay.

Step one will be to carve out relic drainage channels that historically allowed the marsh to drain. Once drainage is restored, 1.1 million cubic yards of sand will be pumped onto the beach just south of Fowler Beach road to fill openings that formed or were worsened during Superstorm Sandy.

A created dune will be planted with grasses to help stabilize it and allow the adjacent wetland to recover from decades of human manipulation, including 25 years where water levels were lowered and raised to accommodate wildfowl.

The marsh, despite its proximity to Delaware Bay, was maintained as a freshwater wetland. When storms broke through the dunes, it rapidly converted to a salt marsh and freshwater plants died. The marsh will be planted with salt-tolerant species.

The project is expected to last 30 years even if sea level rises 1.6 feet by mid-century as some projections suggest,” said Al Rizzo, project leader for the Coastal Delaware National Wildlife Refuge Complex Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge and Prime Hook National.

Read Full Article at: http://www.delawareonline.com/story/news/local/2015/06/03/prime-hook-refuge-work-start-june/28438141/

Ellicott-designed hopper dredge cited for work on Mississippi River

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Philadelphia District, has just announced that after 62 daysMac1-hopper-dredger of work their hopper dredger McFarland successfully completed emergency dredging operations on the Southwest Pass of the Mississippi River.

The ‘Mac’, one of four oceangoing hopper dredgers owned and operated by the Army Corps, was called upon because high stages impacted navigation.

This vessel is the only dredger in the world with triple capability for direct pumpout, bottom discharge and sidecasting or boom discharge.

Source: Dredging Today

Cheboygan River Dredging Resumes with Ellicott 670 Dredge

The Cheboygan River dredging program is back on track after crews had to stop works on the project due to unsafe weather conditions in December, reported Cheboygan Daily Tribune.

670-dredge-cheboygan-riverAccording to City Manager Tom Eustice, the contractor, Luedtke Engineering Company, has begun dredging again to complete the task.

It’s good to see them back here,” Eustice said. “It’s just another sign of spring.”

The dredged material is slated to be dumped in Lake Huron at an 80-foot-deep disposal area that is about two miles straight out from the river.

Dredging will also take place further down the river, including as far south as Plaunt Transportation, which operates ferry service to and from Bois Blanc Island

Source: Dredging Today

Ohio DNR: New Rules for Buckeye Lake

Buckeye-Lake-dredgingIn an effort to increase safety awareness and promote recreational opportunity at Buckeye Lake, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) is altering its boating rules for Buckeye Lake while it is being managed at a winter pool elevation.

ODNR has designated and will properly mark a specific Speed Zone area on the western portion of the lake to allow boaters to operate their powercraft at greater than idle speed.

“No question, Buckeye Lake will be a gem in the state of Ohio once a new dam is in place, but I want to remind everyone that the lake is still open for business,” said ODNR Director James Zehringer.

Dredging activity has increased on Buckeye Lake as well, and areas of active dredging will be properly labeled by floating markers. Boaters are advised to follow best boating safety practices and properly wear an approved life jacket at all times while on the water.

Source: DredgingToday.com

Ellicott Dredge Leads Gulf of Mexico Marsh Restoration for BP Spill Recovery in Louisiana

dredge-marsh-restorationThe Lake Hermitage Marsh Creation – NRDA Early Restoration Project involves the creation of marsh within a project footprint known as the “Lake Hermitage Marsh Creation Project” developed for and funded through the Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Act (CWPPRA) Program. This project substitutes approximately 104 acres of created brackish marsh for approximately 5-6 acres of earthen terraces that would otherwise have been constructed within the CWPPRA project boundary.

The Lake Hermitage Marsh Creation – NRDA Early Restoration Project will create approximately 104 acres of brackish marsh in lieu of the 7,300 linear feet of earthen terraces that was included in the final design of the base CWPPRA project. This additional marsh area will be constructed entirely within the base CWPPRA project’s terrace boundary. Sediment will be hydraulically dredged from a borrow area in the Mississippi River, and pumped via pipeline to create new marsh in the project area. Over time, natural dewatering and compaction of dredged sediments should result in elevations within the intertidal range which would be conducive to the establishment of emergent marsh. The 104-acre fill area will be planted with native marsh vegetation to accelerate benefits to be realized from this project.

The Lake Hermitage Marsh Creation – NRDA Early Restoration Project is located within the Barataria Hydrologic Basin in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, to the west of the community of Pointe a la Hache, and northwest of the community of Magnolia. This basin was identified as a priority area for coastal restoration, and has been the focus of extensive study and project design and implementation.

Source:  noaa.gov

Preparations Underway for Apollo Beach Dredging

Gator Dredging, a Florida-based dredging contractor, will start dredging operations by the end of this month in Apollo Beach, Florida.

dredging-beach-apolloThis dredging scheme will begin in the North Channel and then proceed to the South and Main Pass channels in May.

The Apollo Beach dredging program will be completed by the end of May, barring any bad weather or equipment malfunctions.

Once the work is done, three channels leading to the area will go from about 4 feet in depth to about 71/2 feet deep at low tide, opening up access for yachts and sailboats that right now have to wait for high tide to get in and out of the area.

Dredging operations will take place during the working days of the week.

In addition to the dredging work, the project will replace the eroded shoreline at the 60-acre Apollo Beach Nature Preserve.

Source: DredgingToday

Dredging Needed to Control Floods in Jammu & Kashmir

Ghulam Ahmad Mir, the Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee President, expressed yesterday its deepest grief over the unfortunate incident in which 16 lives were lost in landslides that took place at Hajam Mohalla.

He said: “Administration should have taken measures to evacuate those families also who were residing at higher reaches in Valley, as the rains have lashed the valley for a few days.”

The president emphasized the need for long term measures to control the flood like situations in both Jammu and Kashmir, as the State is now witnessing rough weather and heavy rains.

He added that the Government should remain vigilant and the Department of Flood Control must be directed to start dredging and embankment of River Jhelum and other Nallahs.


Source: Kashmir News Services

Ellicott Dredges Announces Worldwide Results

Ellicott Dredges, LLC announces recent worldwide results; record deliveries to the U.S. market.

Ellicott Dredges continued a strong sales effort over the last 15 months with shipments of dozens of dredges to over a dozen countries. Ellicott considers an outstanding aspect of this performance to be its exceptionally strong sales to the U.S. market, particularly for dredging contractors.

Since the beginning of 2014, Ellicott has delivered a substantial number of dredges to U.S. customers, with two more custom units for a marsh restoration project funded by the U.S. Department of the Interior due to ship during the first half of 2015. Of the U.S. deliveries to date, two are new 20″ (500mm) dredges for dredging contractors in Louisiana and Texas, while three new 18″ (450mm) units went to contractors in New Jersey, Michigan, and Iowa.  This is a remarkable achievement considering the selectiveness of U.S. dredging contractors who purchase equipment with the expectation of at least 30 years of service under tough conditions.

unnamedAn aerial view of the Ellicott 1870 Dragon® dredge


Paul Quinn, Vice President of Sales for Ellicott, said that “this relatively large number of 18″ (450mm) and 20″ (500mm) dredges being sold to some of the industry’s toughest customers is an acknowledgment of what many have known all along – that Ellicott dredges offer the highest value, the longest life, and most reliable operation of any dredge available. On top of that, our service and support are great, our service guys are well-trained and field-orientated, and we carry a huge inventory of spare parts to support our equipment.”

unnamed (1)One of the Ellicott 3870 Super Dragon® dredges


In addition to record performance in the U.S., Ellicott recently launched and commissioned two of its new and innovative 3870 Super Dragons, with two more coming on line by June 2015.  The 3870 is a 3800 HP (2834 kW), 26″ (650mm) dredge with a direct-driven ladder pump, and 50′ (18m) digging depth.

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