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Customer Trust- Ellicott Dredges

3 Reasons Why Customers Trust Us to Build Their Dredge


Ellicott Dredges, the leading portable dredge equipment manufacturer with over 130 years of experience recently finished building a Series 370 HP “Dragon®” dredge for a customer in West Africa. The customer is using the small 250mm cutterhead dredge for sand mining purposes.

The customer trust our team to build their dredge for 3 three simple reasons.  1. As a leading dredging company, we have a reputation for making durable dredges that are built to last.  2. The 370 HP is a small dredge that is simple to operate and easy to maintain even for the first- time dredge owner. 3.  Finally, this 370 “Dragon” Dredge is vintage dredge that possesses a maximum digging depth of 50 ft. (15.2 m)

A local team of trained Ellicott Dredges technicians where on site to help assemble the “Dragon®” dredge. The technicians also offered instructional dredge training.  The training is designed to help the customer’s crew learn to operate and care for the dredge in a remote tropical environment.

Cavache-MAYA CAELYN 1170

Little Known Ways to Nourish a Coastline

Ponce de Leon Inlet, FL– Crews have been granted permission by the U.S. Army Corps of Army Engineers (USACE) to begin dredging on the Ponce de Leon Inlet.  This should make it more secure for anglers to navigate. In addition, the dredging will offer additional beach nourishment for the nearby coastline. The Inlet itself has not been maintained to this extent in over ten years according to the Corps officials.

Those working on the project have already begun the mobilization phase of the eight-month-long hydraulic dredging project.  In fact, crew members working on the project are expected to remove nearly 38,000 ft² (3,530 m²) of sand and debris. The dredging should increase water depths to nearly 12 ft (3.65 m). The USACE is financing the and has awarded Cavache (Incorporated) of Pompano Beach the contract.

What’s in a Dredge

The team from Cavache Inc,  (owned and operated by Mr. Adam Adache and Mr. Anthony Cavo), has over 100 years of combined hydraulic dredging experience.  They have previously worked on similar types of projects such as the Florida Inland District project. The team from Cavache will be using an Ellicott 1170 “Dragon” dredge known as the “Maya Caelyn” to complete the project.

The portable cutterhead dredge is a medium sized dredge that is designed to perform exceptionally well in typical conditions experienced in Atlantic inlets, and entrance channels from the Sea to inner coastal waterways.

Ponce de Leon Project Details

“What is really unique about this specific project is that this is an offshore disposal placement project that requires pumping material offshore. The pumping distances are fairly lengthy, and our team is using multiple boosters to complete the project,” noted Cavache Principle Owner Anthony Cavo.

Debris and sand that accumulated during Hurricanes Irma and Matthew caused aggressive shoaling.  Also, the materials caused by the shoaling will be pumped from the Ponce de Leon Inlet.  The materials will then be transported to a nearby location and used to help nourish area beaches.  Once the dredging process is complete the flow of water will drastically improve in the nearby region. Dredging the inlet should bolster the shoreline during subsequent storms making it simple for vessels to freely move about the inlet.

Ellicott 1270 Dragon Dredge

Ellicott Builds 1270 Dredge for West African Based Oil Company for Channel Dredging -Ellicott Dredges

Ellicott Dredges, the Baltimore-based dredge manufacturer with over 133 years of experience, recently built a Series 1270 “Dragon®” dredge for an oil company in West Africa. The dredge recently launched and will be used for channel dredging in swamp regions. The customer has worked with our team before and owns two Series 670 “Dragon®” dredges and appreciates the simplicity of the dredges operating systems, rugged design and high performance.

Ellicott was awarded the contract based on the customers’ interest in the 1270’s shallow dredging optimization feature that is built into Ellicott’s 16 – 20 inch dredges, with an option to adjust the dredges ladder to a maximum digging depth of 50 ft (15.2 m). This is feature is extremely appealing to the customer because there are times when they will have to transition to a land reclamation project that requires efficient work productivity in both shallow and deep working conditions.

The portable cutterhead dredge includes two diesel engines that enables the operator to adjust both the cutter and slurry pump power separately to efficiently meet West Africa’s varying working conditions and yield maximum production rates. The 1270 also includes wide pontoons offering optimum stability and additional workspace for crew members working below and on deck.