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NEW 10" Aggregate Dredge

December 2002

370 Dragon Dredge
Bunting & Murray’s New 370HP "DRAGON"®
Operating in Selbyville, Delaware

Bunting and Murray is a site development company located in Selbyville, Delaware. Owner Jay Murray has developed properties in Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware—all on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. The company’s major projects include Bayville Shores, Mallard Lakes, Ocean Pines, most of the Eastern Shore Food Lion supermarkets, and state, county, and municipal projects.

Site development requires sand for fill material. To supply the sand, the company owns three aggregate production facilities. One such pit, located adjacent to the Assawoman Bay in Ocean City, Maryland, was being mined with conventional earthmoving equipment. Because the water table is only 7 feet (2.1 meters) from the surface, groundwater was pumped back into the Bay. Although in full compliance with State mining regulations, Jay Murray was concerned about the perception of turbid discharge back into the Bay.

After talking with another local sand producer, Kaye Construction of Seaford, Delaware, Mr. Murray decided that a hydraulic dredge would both produce the material as needed and avoid groundwater pump down. He turned to the Ellicott® Division of Baltimore Dredges, LLC, which recommended an Ellicott® Series 370HP "DRAGON"® dredge for the project.

Mr. Wayne Hitchens, dredge chief, reports that the Series 370HP is an excellent producer. As project requirements change, the dredge will move to the other two locations, so the 370’s one-truck transportability is a valuable feature for this company.

Ellicott® 370 "DRAGON"® dredges have been used successfully in other aggregate facilities, including Tilcon, Genstar, Better Materials, Thompson Sand in North Carolina, Bayview Equipment in New Jersey, Taylor & Sons in New Jersey and Kaye Construction in Delaware.

In other Series 370 dredge news, Mobile Dredging and Pumping Company, of Chester Pennsylvania, commenced dredging operations on the Bird River, in White Marsh, Maryland. Supervised by Baltimore County’s Department of Environmental Protection and Resource Management, the project involves dredging 100,000 yd3 (76,500 m3) of material from a 27,000 ft. (8,230 m) main navigation channel, as well as from individual channels to property owners’ docks. Dredging operations are scheduled to continue through February 2002, pause for the spring fish-spawning season, and then begin again in June 2003. The project should be completed in the winter of 2004. Mobile Dredging is using an Ellicott® 370HP dredge and is pumping 9,000 ft. (2,750 m) without a booster pump in the current phase of the project.

In more 370 news, Ellicott® reports a new order for a Series 370HP "DRAGON"® from a marina in a Middle Eastern country, to be delivered in early 2003.


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