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Case Studies - Beach Restoration

  1. Fuller Street Beach, Eel Pond Reap Benefits from Dredging
  2. Dade County Beach Erosion Control & Hurricane Protection Project
  3. Cavache Inc.: Longboat Key Dredging Project
  4. Deeper Inlet, Wider Beach: Dredging Almost Finished
  5. Vinyard Haven Dredging Work Completed
  6. Hempstead's New Dredge Restores Beach
  7. Factory Point's white beaches prove a draw
  8. Combining Hydraulic Filling with Diking Reinforces Eroded Beach
  9. The right time for geotextile tube technology
  10. Dredging work begins in Clam Pass, Florida to restore dying mangrove forest
  11. Sebastian Inlet dredging starts using an Ellicott® Series 970
  12. Ellicott® Series 970 Dredge used in beach replenishment at North Topsail Beach, N.C.
  13. St. Sebastian muck dredging underway - July 2006
  14. Beach Replenishment at Hillsboro Inlet, Florida using Ellicott® cutter suction dredge
  15. Trevcon Construction uses Ellicott® Series 370 for Beach Replenishment in New Jersey
  16. Cape Cod Selectman Call for Better Beach Management
  17. Report from the Barnstable County Dredge
  18. Great Lakes Dredge & Dock uses Ellicott® Cutter Dredge for the Keta Sea Defense in Ghana, Africa
  19. Beach Restoration at Allen Harbor, Harwich, Massachusetts using Ellicott® Series 670 Dredge "CODFISH"
  20. City of Virginia Beach Erosion Council Buys Ellicott® Dredge
  21. Dredging in the Crown Jewel of New England using an Ellicott® Series 670 "DRAGON®"
  22. Dredged Material Filled Geotubes San Antonio River Containment Island, Buenaventure Bay, Colombia
  23. Crowded Barnegat Inlet Now Dredged Deeper — Loveladies Beaches Restored
  24. USA: Piedroba Marine Construction (PMC) Completes Dredging of Tributaries in Manatee Pocket
  25. New York town to use its own new Ellicott® dredge to restore beaches after storm

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