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Case Studies - Environmental Restoration

  1. How To Get Rid of Muck
  2. Southwind to Dredge Little River
  3. Ellicott Dredge Leads Gulf of Mexico Marsh Restoration for BP Spill Recovery in Louisiana
  4. Enbridge wrapping up Kalamazoo River oil spill cleanup and restoration
  5. MPA Dredging Operations Continue to Make Port Safer and Enhance Environment
  6. Dredging work begins in Clam Pass, Florida to restore dying mangrove forest
  7. Dredging Works!  The Plattsburgh PCB Cleanup
  8. Sierra Club endorses environmental dredging: goal is to clean up polluted Ashtabula River
  9. DGPS-based survey systems for small dredging projects 
    (AGM Marine)
  10. Massachusetts Targets PCB "Hot Spot" for Dredging
  11. St. Sebastian muck dredging underway - July 2006

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