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Case Studies - Mining (including Tailings and Fines Recovery)

  1. Reprocessing of Mining Tailings with Ellicott Dredges
  2. Valuable By-Product Recovered by Sediment Removal System 
  3. Mineral Sands Mining in India
  4. IMC Kalium Relies on Ellicott® Bucketwheel Dredge at World's Lowest Cost Phosphate Mine
  5. Ellicott® Commissions Bucketwheel Dredgers for Salt Mining in Saudi Arabia and China
  6. Ellicott® Delivers World's Largest Sand Mining Dredger to TiWest/Kerr-McGee
  7. Large Dredge to Mine TiO2 in Florida, USA for DuPont
  8. Ellicott® Dredges Working on Pitinga Tin Mine in Brazil for Taboca
  9. Salt "Mushroom" Dredging in the Dead Sea, Israel
  10. Selection of Dredging and Processing Equipment for Auriferous (Gold) Alluvial Deposits (Gold Mining with Bucketwheel Dredges)
  11. Dredge Boosts China Salt Production - Xingjiang Salt Lake Dredge Mining Project," People's Republic of China
  12. Dredges Team with Draglines on Quick River Cleanup After Mt. St. Helens Volcanic Eruption, USA
  13. Dredging at Marcopper in the Philippines
  14. Ellicott® Sells Bucketwheel Dredge to Brazilian Gold Mine
  15. Ellicott® Suction Cutterhead Dredges Aid in Mining Operations in Guyana, Canada, France, Kentucky (USA), Ohio (USA), Pennsylvania (USA), West Virginia (USA)
  16. Florida Mining Operation uses Bucketwheel Dredge to Dig Ore
  17. Pumps Convey Aragonite Slurry 6,000 Feet in Bimini, Bahamas Mining Project for Marcona
  18. Rofomex Moves Mexico toward Phosphate Self-Sufficiency
  19. DuPont Mineral Products - Dredge Mining Process

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