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Case Studies - Port and Harbor Dredging / Marine Contracting

  1. Two Ellicott Dredges Working on Port Expansion Project in Latin America
  2. MPA Dredging Operations Continue to Make Port Safer and Enhance Environment
  3. Officials see dredging of Utica Harbor as milestone of revitalization
  4. Skipper Describes workings of Trailing Suction Hopper Dredge the "McFarland"
  5. The Port of Los Angeles' Pier 400 Project Advancing to Second Stage 
  6. Ellicott® Series 1170 "Dragon®" used in Port Said, Egypt Expansion Project
  7. Venezuelan Dredging Fleet Builds Economy
  8. Ellicott® "SUPER-DRAGON®" Dredges for China
  9. Weeks Marine Takes Delivery of Ellicott® 28" "Super-Dragon®" Dredge
  10. "ALABAMA" is Oldest Operating Ellicott® Dredge – Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel Company, Arkansas, USA
  11. Contractor uses Ellicott® Dredge for Remote Northern Australian Job
  12. Allen Harbor Channel, Massachusetts deepened with Ellicott® Series 670 "DRAGON®" dredge "CODFISH"
  13. Arab Contractors' Dredging Projects in Egypt
  14. Dredging and the Great Barrier Reef
  15. Aboard the Currituck: Army Corps Dredge Travels East Coast Making Waters Safe for Boaters

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