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1170 Detailed Specs / Your Dredge Project

Portable Dredge for any standard 14" or 16" (356-406 mm) pipeline
Nominal pump capacity range = 150-700 yds3/hr (610 m3/hr)

The "Value Engineered" Series 1170: Design criteria focused on dependability and low cost with rapid dismantling, mobility, reassembling and start-up; minimizing downtime and ensuring high productivity.

Representative digging depths and dimensions for average dredging service. Configurations for deeper digging readily available - consult Ellicott®.

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1170 Principal Dimensions and Particulars
1170 1170
English Metric
GENERAL Discharge pipe x Suction pipe 16" x 16" 450 x 450
Dredging Depth, maximum 33' 10 M
Length, Overall, with Ladder raised 90' 27.3
Length, Hull 54' 16.5 m
Width, Hull, including side pontoons 23' 7 m
Depth, Hull 4'-6" 1.4 m
Number of Pontoons (tanks) 3 3
Plate Thickness of center pontoon 1/4" & 5/16" 6 & 8
Dry Weight 180,000 lbs 81,630 kg
Hull Draft, not including spuds 2'-10" .86 m
Fuel Capacity 3,300 gallons 12,492 litres
Swing Width, @ minimum Dredging Depth 104' 31.7 m
Swing Width, @ maximum Dredging Depth 89' 27.1 m
ENGINES Main Engine (Caterpillar) C32 C-32
Power 850 HP 634 KW
Rating Marine Tier 3 Marine Tier 3
Cooling Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger
Auxiliary Engine (Caterpillar) C-9 C-9
Power 350 HP 261 KW
Rating  Tier 3 Tier 3
Cooling Radiator Radiator
TOTAL INSTALLED POWER Not including optional Genset 1200 HP 895 KW
CUTTER DRIVE Power at Cutter Shaft 155 HP 116 KW
Cutter Speed 29 - 42 RPM 29-42 RPM
Cutter Diameter 54" 1372
Cutting Force 7,991 lbs 3,625 kg
SPUDS Diameter 18" 457
Length 47' 14.3
PRODUCTION Capacity Range of Pumping System up to 575 cubic yards per hour up to 475 cubic meters per hour

Accessories and options offered include choice of cutters, pump handling equipment, air conditioning or heating, production measuring equipment, and pipeline components.

ELLICOTT® reserves the right to modify equipment in order to provide engineering improvements.

HULL - Three tank design: quick connect/disconnect assembly; machinery in unitized center tank. Outboard pontoons for flotation, ballast and fuel storage. Hull bottom plate is 0.31 inch (7.9 mm), side plate 0.25 inch (6.35 mm) reinforcing up to 3/4 inch (19 mm); all of A36 or equal steel. Deckhouse integral with center tank structure.

DIRECT-DRIVE CLOSE COUPLED PUMP UNIT - Close-coupled unit, totally enclosed radial and thrust bearings on reduction gear shaft with ACME threads for impeller mounting. Pump case, impeller, liners and throat piece are cast of special 500 BHN chrome carbide abrasion resistant iron. Driven by heat exchanger cooled Caterpillar diesel engine with electric starting. Choice of 14 inch or 16 inch (356 mm or 406 mm) discharge pipe diameters.

HYDRAULIC POWER PACKAGE - Three hydraulic pumps are direct driven by a Caterpillar auxiliary diesel engine. Hydraulic system includes four independent operating circuits; one for cutter, one for swing winch, one for ladder hoist, and one for spud winches and control pressure. The engine, hydraulic pumps, gears, cooler and reservoir are all mounted on a common base.

EXCAVATING MODULE AND LADDER - Cutter driven by slow speed, radial piston hydraulic motor. Maximum cutter force available at all speeds. Underwater excavating module features short drive shaft with weight concentrated at the cutter for efficiency. Cutter can be angled down for shallow digging. Excavating module drive recessed inside ladder tube for protection.

LADDER HOIST - Double acting hydraulic cylinder. Ram cylinder operation provides crowding action for tough digging.

SWING WINCHES - Individual single, direct line winches, direct-driven by radial piston hydraulic motors, mounted on the aft end of the ladder. Speed and reverse controls at operator's console.

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM - 24 volt DC internal/external lighting and electrical system is powered by auxiliary diesel engine.

SPUD AND SPUD WINCHES - Two heavy wall, cylindrical steel spuds mounted in spud keepers at stern. Spuds designed for single-part wire rope bottom lift, and are raised or lowered by individual single drum winches with free-fall clutches.

WARRANTY - Ellicott® warrants its equipment only in accordance with the printed warranty conditions which are normally included in our sales proposals, the latest copy of which will be forwarded promptly on written request. No other warranties are provided.


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