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Wheel Dragon™ Detailed Specs / Your Dredge Project

In 1976, Ellicott® designed and patented the first bucketwheel cutterhead dredge. Since then the Wheel Dragon™ has become popular in mining assignments around the world. The addition of a bucketwheel excavator to your dredge will increase cutting force and overall production. Whether to increase production in a sand mining operation or to mine the world's hardest trona, the Wheel Dragon™ is your solution.

The Wheel Dragon™ modification can be made on our 670 series Dragon™ models and up.

Wheel Dragon™ Principal Dimensions and Particulars
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Digging Depth, Maximum
10 m 33 ft
Ladder Length, Approximate 14.05 m 46.1ft
Hull Length 27.4 m 90 ft
Hull Width 8.5 m 28 ft
HP – Main Engine 746 kW 1000 HP
HP – Auxiliary Engine 343 kW 460 HP

The sectional pontoon type rectangular hull has been sized to meet the requirements for strength and flotation and also provides the versatility that is inherent in transportable equipment. The dredge is designed to be partially field assembled on land and launched with final assembly afloat. Disassembly is accomplished partially afloat and partially on land. The main dredging plant is installed in the center hull pontoon.

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