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New Paint Process, Plant Upgrades, Deal of the Year: Ellicott's Winter News

January 2012

Ellicott's HR assistant Joan Stavis displays the collection of items donated to Paul's Place
Ellicott 370 Dragon® dredge shrink wrapped and ready for transport
This newly purchased yard crane improves productivity and safety at Ellicott's Baltimore facility
Ellicott Field Service Engineer Bob Brenner
Saul Ewing, lawyer, Eric Orlinsky, and Ellicott CFO Joe Wendel, Executive Assistant Myrna LeBarre, and General Manager Robert Croom accepting ACG's "Deal of the Year Award"

Ellicott Employees Give Back During the Holidays 

This holiday season our employees rallied together to support Paul's Place Inc., a local charity in Baltimore, Maryland that strives to improve the quality of life for the community through various programs and services. Ellicott donated money, food, toiletries, clothing, CDs, and movies. Ellicott strives to be connected to our local community and hopes to continue to support Paul's Place in the future.

New and Improved Painting Process and Shrink Wrapping

We have heard you!! Ellicott is now using a new and improved painting process that provides not only a better dredge appearance, but also adds additional protection to exposed surfaces.  We are also shrink wrapping most dredges prior to shipment to protect them better during transport. In addition, ALL of our hose fittings now have a special coating to prevent rust and provide longer life. We are excited about these upgrades and look forward to seeing the familiar Ellicott blue all around the world.

Plant Upgrades Made to Improve Ellicott Operations

As Ellicott continues to grow, we are constantly adding new resources to improve our manufacturing process and products.

In 2011 we added the following items:

  • Plant lighting upgrades - all of the main shop lighting has been replaced with HE (high efficiency) fluorescent lighting
  • Hydraulic flushing unit - this unit improves our capability to flush, filter, and test hydraulic circuits on our dredges prior to shipment
  • Additional shop equipment - 50-ton yard crane, shaft lathes with live tooling, horizontal machining centers, several jib cranes, a boom lift, modular welding fixtures, peening machine, reach truck, forklift, and a new paint booth
  • Additional equipment - new boiler, office computer S/W upgrades, PK QA module implementation, and new manufacturing software
We hope to continue to expand our operations while maintaining high-quality dredges for our customers. Ellicott General Manager Robert Croom says "these upgrades have allowed Ellicott to be more efficient in all aspects of the business from designing through shipping."

Employee Spotlight: Bob Brenner

Senior Field Service Engineer, Bob Brenner, is a major asset to the Ellicott team. He has been in the dredging industry for over 35 years, and has traveled all around the world to perform his dredging skills in some of the most exotic places known to mankind. Some would consider his home away from home to be West Africa where he has either commissioned or serviced many of the dredges operating in the region. His product knowledge, versatility, and determination to succeed is unparalleled as he has worked on every dredge model in the Ellicott fleet. His outgoing personality makes him a favorite among customers at dredge sites.

Bob began his Ellicott career as a contractor, and was hired full-time in 2008. Ellicott's Customer Service Manager Jack Fiddes said "there aren't too many guys that can do what Bob does. He has seen it all in terms of dredging installations and maintenance, and if he hasn't, then he can quickly adapt in the field. We are fortunate to have him as a part of our team." Bob and his wife Jennifer reside in Tampa, Florida.

"Deal of the Year Award" Won for Rohr Sand and Gravel Dredge Acquisition

The Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) Maryland Chapter, the premier network for middle market deal makers, awarded the prestigious "Deal of the Year
Award" to Ellicott Dredge Enterprises, LLC for its purchase of selected assets from Rohr Corporation.

"It is vital for us to promote the fact that business continues to thrive in Mid-Atlantic US across a broad array of sectors," said ACG Maryland President Christopher Kreeger, of Kreeger Consulting. "We all hear about the economic challenges, but our region is home to some of the most dynamic and active corporations in America such as Ellicott. For the economic health and viability of this area, these companies need to know their work is recognized, and companies outside our area need to hear that this a good place to do business," Kreeger concluded.

In March 2011 Ellicott Dredge Enterprises, LLC announced the acquisition of selected U.S. assets of Rohr Corporation as well as shares of Rohr Bagger GMBH. Rohr serves the sand & gravel, aggregate, and mining industries worldwide offering customers the lowest-cost-per-ton for sand & gravel recovery, and the ability to extend the life of existing deposits with state-of-the-art automated floating clamshell and bucket ladder dredge systems especially for hard digging and deep digging applications. Ellicott President Peter Bowe noted that "Rohr's technology, especially in automation and electrical power, will complement and supplement our existing engineering resources serving our other dredge brands and products."

Ellicott Dredge Enterprises, LLC has been nominated for the Deal of the Year award 2 other times in the past 4 years.

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