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New Animation, Parts Depot, and Engineering Software: Ellicott's Fall News

September 2011

New Animation Highlights Benefits of Hydraulic Dredging for Mining Applications

Are you unsure of which excavation approach is right for your mining application? Our latest informational animation highlights the benefits of hydraulic dredging over mechanical excavation including less labor, less energy and emissions, less capital costs, and less maintenance costs.

This Mining Animation, as well as others, can be found on our website,, and YouTube page.




West Africa Spare Parts Depot Opens; Support of Nigerian Neonatal Anti-malarial Activities Continues

After careful consideration, Ellicott has chosen to partner with Geoplex Drillteq Limited of Nigeria for its first ever Parts Depot outside the USA. The Ellicott/Geoplex Parts Depot is located in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, and has the capability to ship parts to the Lagos area daily.

Wole Ogunsanya, Managing Director and CEO of Geoplex, commented, "We applaud the foresight of our partner, Ellicott Dredges, for the appropriate timing of this initiative to ensure support for Nigerian Ellicott dredge owners that may be contracted for critical projects, and Geoplex Drillteq is proud to be associated with this effort."

In addition to opening this new Parts Depot, Ellicott has continued its contribution to the West African community. In association with ExxonMobil and JHPIEGO, Ellicott has made a 6 figure $100K+ commitment to anti-malarial work in the Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria, focusing on neonatal patients. We are thankful that this organization allows us to contribute directly to the overall health of women and children of this community. 

In a letter of appreciation, Village Head Chief E.T. Ufot stated: "We the Mkpok Village Council and the V.D.C. wish to write to express our joy as a member of the JHPIEGO Community within Nung Ndem Clan - ONNA L.G.A for what you have done to alleviate the conditions of our people within our village.  We commend you for including our village in your program.  We salute your meaningful and effective performances so far."

Engineers Use Latest in 3D SolidWorks Design Technology 

Even with over a century of experience in the dredging industry, Ellicott understands the need to incorporate the latest technology into all stages of its production cycle from design through testing.  The Ellicott engineering department has recently integrated the latest in 3D CAD software, SolidWorks, into its design process.   

The intuitive design interface allows our engineers to develop standard and custom dredges more efficiently, quickly, and cost-effectively.  These advantages directly benefit our customers by reducing pricing and enabling design deadlines to be met. In addition, these 3D designs allow our customers to visually examine their dredge during the engineering process. 

Ellicott Engineering Manager Eric Schickler feels "This modern designing system helps us increase our manufacturing efficiency and eases design communications between Engineering and Manufacturing by allowing assembly personnel to really see what something is supposed to look like when they're finished rather than wondering if this is what we really wanted. It also allows my teams to visualize the fully assembled dredge, and its subassembled sections, to easily identify potential interference issues before the first piece of metal is even touched.  In addition, our custom design customers appreciate the visual representations we provide during the design process. It allows them to provide feedback as the design progresses."

Myrna LaBarre Celebrates 50 Years at Ellicott

Myrna LaBarre (pictured here with Ellicott President Peter Bowe and his wife Barbara Stewart Bowe) has been a dedicated member of the Ellicott team since 1961. Myrna's responsibilities at Ellicott have changed over the the past 5 decades, and she is currently focused on the corporate aspects of the business. She is constantly multi-tasking, but is never too busy to share her infinite wisdom with fellow coworkers.

Whether she was traveling to dredging conferences, entertaining foreign dignitaries' wives, or attending to any number of office activities, Myrna has never stopped learning. Surprisingly, Myrna said many things haven't changed over the years.  "I still work with a great network of people, the company's management is tops and still has very high standards, and is very good to its employees.  We still make the best dredges in the world that last longer than any of our competitions' equipment.  One of the main changes is I am now the oldest employee instead of the youngest!"  

Myrna continued by saying "I learned that if you remain dedicated, do the best you can, work for the company like it's your own, be honest, be helpful, accept your mistakes and improve upon them, be good to people, keep a good sense of humor, have the best work ethics possible, and handle the good times and get over the bad times, you'll last 50 years, like me."

Myrna LaBarre's knowledge, experience, and passion for Ellicott is unparalleled.  When asked to choose which dredge model she most identifies with, Myrna said "if I was younger I would be the "Swinging Ladder Dredge", but now that I am "more mature", I guess I would be the "SUPER-DRAGON." That's no surprise to us; we think she's pretty super too!

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