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8 November 1999

Office of Communications
217 East Redwood Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Baltimore, MD - Two Maryland companies have won major contracts in China as a result of the efforts of the Maryland Business Center China (MBCC), it was announced today by Richard C. Mike Lewin, Secretary of Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development.

EllicottĀ® Machine Corp. International, based in Baltimore, has signed an $880,000 contract with China Communications Import & Export Corp. to deliver a 1600kw wheel dredge equipment package to China's Changjiang Waterway Bureau. The Chinese firm is also expected to buy additional dredge equipment over the next year.

"We have been working with Maryland Business Center China for several years," said Peter Bowe, President of EllicottĀ® Machine Corp. International. "This contract would not have happened without the MBCC staff in China."

Baltimore-based RTKL International Ltd., a leading U.S. architectural and design firm, has received a contract for $525,000 for interior design work for the Shanghai Scienceland museum/center project, which is expected to be completed by the fall of 2001.

"With a strategic location in the heart of China's financial and business center, Maryland Business Center China is well placed to help Maryland companies realize the potential of the China market," said Richard C. Mike Lewin. "With a team of twelve professionals in the Shanghai office, Maryland Business Center China has the expertise to become a gateway to China for Maryland businesses."

According to Ning Shao, Managing Director of MBCC, "we are somewhat atypical of most state trade offices in that we are involved not only in assessing market opportunities and finding partners, but we also become very involved in the bidding and negotiations process to finalize contracts. China is a lucrative, but also difficult market to penetrate without local knowledge of how to navigate the various barriers and bottlenecks inherent in the Chinese market."

As of June 1999, Maryland Business Center China has worked with more than 150 Maryland companies and has closed 25 contracts for 16 companies.

In addition to China, Maryland has representatives in eight other strategic markets around the world: The Netherlands, Japan, Mexico, Argentina, China, Brazil, Israel and South Africa - all poised to conduct business affairs on Maryland's behalf.

CONTACT: Walinda West
Jacqueline Lampell
Department of Business &
Economic Development
(410) 767-6317

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