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October 1976

Source: World Dredging Magazine

Referring to dredging as "the lifeline of economic progress" for his country, His Excellency Roesmin Nurjadin, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, formally accepted the new Ellicott® dredge "MUSI" during dockside ceremonies at Dundalk Marine Terminal, Port of Baltimore, Maryland.

This shipment of the "MUSI" was the first under one of the world’s largest single contracts for cutter dredges between Ellicott® Machine Corporation International and the Directorate General of Seacommunications, Department of Communications, Jakarta, Indonesia.

The dredges "Mahakam" and "Belawan" were shipped later in the same year.

It was a quarter-century ago that the first Ellicott® dredge "MUSI" was delivered. At that time the dredge was towed 11,000 miles via Gibraltar, Suez Canal and Sri Lanka to Tanjung Priok — a 76-day journey.

The Indonesian Ambassador noted that since that time, some 40 Ellicott® dredges have contributed to his country’s progress and well being by opening transportation lanes for material and export from its previously undeveloped regions.

Delivery of the "MUSI" itself is an innovation. The dredge and its components are being shipped under special charter via the U.S. Flag vessel "Green Forest" of the Central Gulf Lines.

Being shipped as lash and break-bulk cargo in large weldable sections for final assembly to take place in Tanjung Priok are the 150-ton crew barge, two 50-ton dredge center sections and six 40-ton hull sections. The shipment also includes the anchor barge and floating pipeline.

Most Powerful Equipment
The three new dredges will be the most powerful equipment in the Indonesian Government Fleet with a combined pumping power of 9400 horsepower and a combined total connected horsepower of 16,500. The 900 hp cutters will exert a cutting force of 24 tons. (Ellicott® note: these three dredges are still the mainstay of Indonesia's fleet, operating reliably and economically after more than 20 years of steady service.)

The Dredging Division of the Directorate General of Seacommunications owns and operates one of the world’s largest and most varied fleets. The agency is responsible for construction, maintenance and operation of all sea transportation lanes and facilities to assure good inter-island and international marine communications.

Financing for the contract was obtained through a bank syndicate headed by American Express International Banking Corp., New York/London; Export-Import Bank of the U.S., Washington, D.C., and is one of the first contracts being finalized under a series of Exim-Bank-supported loan agreements for capital projects with the Government of Indonesia.

Taking part in the dockside ceremonies marking the shipment of the new "MUSI" were Ellicott® officials, members of the ambassador’s staff and other dignitaries representing the U.S. government, Maryland state and local governments, participating banks, port officials and other agencies.

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