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Ellicott® Dredges Leads the World in Dredge Mining Applications: Highlights of Recent Mining Projects

For Immediate Release
23 June 2010

Ellicott® Dredges' numerous recent successes in diverse dredge mining applications reaffirm its role as global leader in this sector.

The company announces dredge sales and deliveries to six different countries, for eight different types of minerals, employing multiple technologies, each appropriate to the specific application and its technical requirements. The eight sales described below show Ellicott®'s range of products and process capabilities:

Sales to 6 Countries on 4 Continents

Ellicott®'s new projects, sampled below, serve mining industry leaders in all of these important mineral commodities.


1. Indonesia-Nickel.

P.T. Inco, which operates the world's largest nickel mine, ordered an Ellicott® Series 370HP cutter dredger for that mine.  P.T. Inco is owned primarily by Vale Inco of Canada and Brazil, and Sumitomo of Japan. Ellicott® worked extensively with the client to develop logistical solutions for a mine site with complicated access and operating conditions in South Sulawesi.

Ellicott® strengths highlighted:

- trusted design will allow for confident operation in remote location.

2. Indonesia-Coal.

coal mine dredgerAn Indonesian coal mine operator is relying on a standard Ellicott® Series 370HP "Dragon®" dredge toreplace multiple pumps and hydraulic backhoes for a dewatering system as part of an overburden removal operation. In fact the dredge will replace eight pieces of equipment-four booster pumps and four backhoes! The dredger thus conserves fuel and labor, is safer (eliminates risk of land-based equipment getting stuck), and reduces emissions. Further, the dredge can produce coal ore as well, so it serves multiple functions

Ellicott® strengths highlighted:

- powerful pumping system in a compact dredge platform
- efficient single operator machine.


3. Sierra Leone--Rutile/Ilmenite mining.

Ilmenite-mining-dredgerSierra Rutile Ltd., a unit of publicly traded Titanium Resources Group (UK: TXR,L) owns one of the largestnatural rutile deposits in the world. Rutile is a feedstock to paint pigment.

They use bucket ladder dredges for ore production, but they encountered a problem common to mine pond management: slimes.  The slimes negatively affected production causing "mechanical breakdown to pumps and reduced recoveries in the wet plant."

Sierra Rutile purchased a self-propelled auger dredge, the patented IMS Versi-Dredge®, from Ellicott®'s affiliate IMS to remove the slimes.  Sierra Rutile says the IMS dredge will enable it to meet production targets for 2010 and preserve the expected mine life.  Sierra Rutile intends to use the IMS dredge for ore production once the slimes problem is resolved.

Ellicott® strengths highlighted:

- patented self-propulsion technology via IMS.
- auger excavator good for slimes.

4. Nigeria--Sand Mining.sand-mining-dredger

An Ellicott® client has bought an innovative new Ellicott® design, the Jet Dragon®, in its new 60 ft (18.2 m) digging depth configuration. This dredge uses just 960 HP (716 kw) to produce up to 410 m3/hour of valuable sand, without the weight, cost, and operating expense of an underwater ladder pump, making it an extremely profitable mining tool for its owner.;

Ellicott® strengths highlighted:

- Jet Dragon® suction jet assist technology avoids expense of ladder pump.

North America: 

5. Canada--Potashphosphate dredger

Mosaic, the world's leading producer of phosphates and potash for fertilizer (NYSE: MOS), has taken delivery of an Ellicott® Dual Bucketwheel dredge for potash mining at its Belle Plaine Saskatchewan Canada mine.  The dredge will operate year-round in harsh climatic conditions, and its patented bucketwheel excavator enables constant solids production in relatively hard digging.  Mosaic picked Ellicott® in part due to its confidence based on an almost 30 year record of reliable production from Ellicott® dredges at the Belle Plaine and other Mosaic mines.

Ellicott® strengths highlighted:

- patented dual wheel bucketwheel excavator

6. Canada--Oil Sands.

One of Canada's largest integrated oil companies has selected Ellicott® as an approved supplier of a dredging system for its new tailings reduction and environmental reclamation process at a Fort McMurray mine.  Ellicott® will deliver a dredge in early 2011.  Ellicott®'s selection followed a rigorous review by the oil company, its consultants, engineers, and EPC contractors.

Ellicott® strengths highlighted:

- complex project management capability. 
- multi-site manufacturing to achieve aggressive delivery commitment.

South America:

7. Brazil--Bauxite.

Alcoa Brazil has selected Ellicott® Dredges to deliver a custom-designed electric Ellicott® 670 "Dragon®" dredge for bauxite tailings recovery at its Juruti mine.  The Juruti mine is, according to a story in today's Wall Street Journal, a new world class mine representing a $1.5B investment by Alcoa to become the world's low cost producer of aluminum.   Alcoa Brazil is a wholly owned subsidiary of ALCOA, a Fortune 100 company and one of the world's largest aluminum producers.  Fortune Magazine has named Alcoa the "Most Admired Metals Company in the World" for 27 years in a row!  Among the special challenges of the project are the non-Newtonian physical properties of the material being dredged.  The total installed power including dredge and a remotely operated booster pump is 1,440 HP (1,075 kw.)

Ellicott® strengths highlighted:

- custom design.
- electric powered.
- special pumping system.

8. Chile--Copper.

copper-dredgerThe major Chilean copper company Antofagasta, (LSE: ANTO), a member of the London Stock ExchangeFOOTSIE 100 index, with a market capitalization of over $10B, has ordered a small dredge from Ellicott®'s affiliate Liquid Waste Technology to process copper tailings. The diesel-powered dredge will be remote controlled.

Ellicott® strengths highlighted:

-  dredge uses remote controlled technology, for overall mine efficiency and improved production monitoring.

The myriad of dredge mining applications briefly highlighted above shows the many ways Ellicott® continues to meet customers' needs in this demanding sector.  "Ellicott®" is not only the word for "dredge" in every language, but the dredge of choice for miners in every field, worldwide. Ellicott® has the right tool for tough jobs, and at the right price.

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