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Ellicott® International Dredge Division Receives President's "E" Award for Exports

March 1987

Source: U.S. Department of Commerce
International Trade Administration
District Office • Baltimore, Maryland 21202

The U.S. Department of Commerce announced today that the Dredge Division of Ellicott® International of Baltimore, Maryland, USA, received the President's "E" Award for "Excellence in Exporting", on Thursday, March 26, 1987 at its world headquarters in Baltimore. Ellicott® is the first Baltimore manufacturer to receive this prestigious award in twenty years.

U.S. Representative Helen Delich Bentley (R-MD), member of Congress from Maryland's second district, presented the "E" Award to Ellicott® on behalf of President Ronald Reagan. Lt. Governor Melvin Steinberg represented the State of Maryland at the ceremony. Peter Osterchrist, Chairman of the Maryland/Washington Export council, officiated for the Department of Commerce. Peter A. Bowe, President of the Dredge Division, accepted the award for Ellicott® at a plant ceremony attended by all employees and invited guests.

Congresswoman Bentley noted in her remarks that U.S. Secretary of Commerce Malcolm Baldrige had approved the award for Ellicott® based on the fact that Ellicott® has exported 70% of its total sales since World War II (a percentage double that of America's leading Fortune 500 exporters.) Congresswoman Bentley emphasized that Ellicott®'s success in exporting against worldwide competition was evidence of American manufacturing's ability to compete when it offered superior technology. She noted in particular Ellicott®'s pioneering development of and continued worldwide leadership in the underwater bucketwheel excavator as a reason for Ellicott® increasing its export sales. Peter Bowe's acceptance of the award referred to Ellicott®'s focus on exports ever since it delivered all of the cutter suction dredges used in the original construction of the Panama Canal beginning in 1904. Since then Ellicott® has exported dredges to over 70 countries and has earned its reputation on such projects as the St. Lawrence Seaway, the Suez Canal, Rio de Janeiro's harbor, Indonesia's population resettlement, the Montreal World Expo, and dozens of mining projects using its patented bucketwheel excavator.

Ellicott® sells 6" to 10" cutterhead dredges and auger cutter dredges through its Mud Cat Division and larger cutterhead and bucketwheel dredges up to 36" through its Dredge Division.

Ellicott® has delivered more dredges than any other manufacturer in the world – over 1100 – about 50% more than the next biggest which is in Europe.

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