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Ellicott® Dredger built by Adyard commissioned to work in UAE

August 2005

Source: GULF NEWS, Business, Marine Technology By: Stanley Carvalho, Staff Reporter

Ellicott<sup>®</sup> Series 1170 'Dragon' Model Dredger 'EMBARKA'
Ellicott® Series 1170 "Dragon®" Model Dredger "EMBARKA"

Company uses technology from Ellicott® Dredges and bids for rights to build bigger models

Abu Dhabi -  A new dredger, the first of its kind and built by Adyard Abu Dhabi, has been commissioned for operations in the UAE, a top company official said.

The company has bid for rights to build two more large dredgers.

"It is the first dredger built by Adyard with technology from Ellicott® Dredges.  We have bids for two more dredgers, three times the size of the first one," said Jim Masterton, general manager of the oil and gas division at Adyard.

"We expect more contracts to build such dredgers locally. The dredger, which took four months to build, was sold to a private party." he told Gulf News.

Adyard is a joint venture of Oman-based Topaz Energy and Marine Ltd. and private shareholders in the UAE.  Its operational headquarters are in Dubai.

"The Ellicott® Dredges Division of Baltimore Dredges announces the commissioning of its first Series 1170 "Dragon®" Model cutter suction dredger, the "EMBARKA", to be operated in the UAE," a statement from Ellicott® said.

Ellicott® could have built this medium dredger in its Maryland factory in the U.S., instead it built it locally at Adyard.

"Ellicott®'s objectives were to give the new owner, a party new to dredging and dredging technology, and without a shipyard or local crews, the greatest possible chance of success with the least number of headaches," said Paul Quinn, director of international sales for Ellicott® Dredges.

The objectives were well met, minimizing the expenses for transportation and reassembly of the portable dredge upon arrival in the UAE. The owners took possession of the equipment afloat at jetty side.

The Ellicott® model is an updated version of the powerful dredger that has been hugely popular in the Middle East for years. The machine, equipped with a 16-inch, 400 meter suction line, is capable of excavating more than 400 cubic meters of fine sand per hour when operated on 1500 meters of pipeline.

The Ellicott® model is perfect for use in the Gulf and is designed with a unique pin-tooth cutter.

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