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April 1997

Source: World Dredging Mining & Construction

Following President Clinton’s lifting of the trade embargo against Vietnam, Ellicott® International made the first American sale with their new dredges.

In April 1997, Ellicott® engineers commissioned two new Series 4170 "SUPER-DRAGON®" dredges in Vietnam. This was the conclusion of an historic event because the Ellicott® dredges were the first capital equipment export to Vietnam since President Clinton lifted the embargo in 1994.

Each dredge is powered by Caterpillar 3512 diesel engines, the most powerful Caterpillar engines in Vietnam. The Series 4170 has over 4000 hp installed and features a 750 hp cutter drive with a 27" X 24" pump.

One dredge is working in the area of Vung Tau in the southern part of Vietnam. The Water Dredging Company No. 1, under the Ministry of Transportation, had a 2 million m3 land reclamation project. Due to the positive results during the initial trials of the Series 4170, the land developer increased the contract to 11M m3.

The second dredge is operating in the Port of Hai Phong and will be used to deepen the Port in order to allow ships in excess of 10,000 DWT to discharge at the Port.

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