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Ellicott® Dredge's Definition of Customer Satisfaction:

Exceeding expectations with high production rates, excellent after-sales service, and long term product reliability.

"Just wanted to say thank you again, your 300 SL Dragon is a very high quality machine! Many dredges especially "old swinging ladder dredges" pump water while the operator is setting up for the next cut, but not this one. We were able to turn the pump off, with the flick of a switch, set up, then send the treatment plant heavy solids! We had zero down time due to the dredge."

--James E. Riley
Riley Dredge Consulting

"We are also most impressed with Brutus [our 460S dredge], it is truly a sight to behold sitting in the shop and the quality workmanship, pride and attention to detail demonstrates the commitment on those involved...Customer service and attention to details such as this are why...the Ohio Department of Natural Resources is proud of our longstanding relationship with Ellicott Dredges."

--Bob Cumbow, Deputy Chief
Ohio State Parks

"The dredge (an Ellicott® 1170) has exceeded our expectations and performance. She is still currently out on location in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada dredging sand and mature fine tailings (MFT)."

--Canadian Dewatering LP

Since 1990, myself and my mechanic have contacted the customer service and parts division on many occasions and all Ellicott® personnel have treated us with respect and integrity. The "Rudee Inlet II" dredge has served the City of Virginia Beach very well since 1987 and still remains in excellent condition to this day.

--City of Virginia Beach
Operations Supervisor, Public Works Highway Division

"We recently completed a major purchase with the Ellicott® Engineering Division of your company. The purchase involved the manufacture of large machined castings integral to the operation of the Dredge Wheeler. The manufacture required a high degree of skill and specialization, and the castings were produced as specified. We are extremely satisfied with your work. We have found you to be a satisfactory and reliable supplier of medium and high complexity components and castings."

--US Corps of Engineers, Department of the Army
New Orleans District, LA, USA

"I would like to express our extreme satisfaction with the quality of the dredges we have purchased from your company. Over the last 15+ years we have operated a Model 970 and two Model 370s. They, and your company, continue to provide us with reliable, quality service."

--State of Delaware
Director, Division of Soil & Water Conservation
Dover, Delaware USA

"The Ellicott® MC-2000 was ideal for the BAAP project as it is transportable on one truck for easy mobilization to this remote location, and is efficient in lakes, bays, and rivers."

--Bay West, Inc.
Minnesota, USA

"Southwind owns six Ellicott® dredges. The Series 970 bought in 1981 is still going strong after 21 years of service. This unit has completed dozens of jobs for hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of material. Satisfied customers of projects involving this equipment have included the U.S. Government, many state and local governments, and private sector customers. We believe our fleet of Ellicott® dredges all have many useful years left."

--Southwind Construction Corp.
Evansville, Indiana, USA

"Arab Contractors has relied exclusively on Ellicott® dredges for almost 40 years. Today we operate five dredges. All of our Ellicott® dredges have met our requirements for performance and reliability. Our oldest unit is over 30 years old and still providing steady service. This is a testament to their good design and rugged construction. The fact that Ellicott® has consistently provided flexible and timely service adds value to our equipment, even after 30 years of operation. We know we can keep our dredges a long time and continue to rely on Ellicott® for high quality parts. We recommend Ellicott® to any dredge user."

--The Arab Contractors
Osman Ahmed Osman & Co., Egypt

"As a major dredging contractor, we have equipment from several manufacturers. Through experience we found the Ellicott® line of Mud Cat™ auger dredges and Series 370 "Dragons®" to be the most reliable and efficient units in our dredge inventory."

--CEDA Reactor
Dredging Div. of Precision Drilling, Canada

"The quickest dredge start-up in history. It has been able to excavate and pump 2-1/2 times its normal rated output."

--Kerr McGee

"When we called Ellicott® regarding maintenance repairs to our Dual Wheel Excavator dredge we were in a critical situation. Our salt stockpile had fallen to a production-threatening level. Ellicott® responded to our request and we were able to complete the maintenance work before our production plan was curtailed."

--Saudi Petrochemical Company (SADAF)
Saudi Arabia

"We have a heritage in dredging which goes back three generations. We have been on many dredges of all shapes and sizes made by different manufacturers. One thing we all agreed on was that Ellicott® built the best dredges in the United States and still does. It is a pleasure to say we have had excellent service from Ellicott® in parts, field service, and product reliability."

--Solid Waste Authority
Palm Beach County, USA

"The "Virgen del Aquila" (an Ellicott® Series 3000 "Super-Dragon®") is one of our most competitive pieces of dredging equipment, having been working practically without interruption during the last twenty years."


"The American-made Ellicott® Bucket Wheel dredge produced at 540 cubic yards per hour . . . at 50% solids and above . . . averaging 87% running time. To date operators appear to be handling all aspects quit well. Our big problem appears to be it operates better than anticipated."

--Marcopper Mining, Philippines
Subsidiary of Placer Development, Canada

"The fantastic "STER 1", well over 50 years old, still faithfully performs uninterrupted 24-hour duty at remarkable production rates."

--BADRA, S.A., Brazil

"The Ellicott® Series 17,000 "Super-Dragon®" has proven an excellent investment. It was delivered on time and with a minimum of start-up problems."

--Hyundai Engineering & Construction, Korea

"We have been extremely happy with the performance of our Ellicott® B890 bucketwheel dredge. Our other two Ellicott® dredges are also performing well."

--Koester Equipment, USA

"Ellicott®'s support of our dredging operation has been responsive, effective, and helpful at all times. Our 30 year old Ellicott® dredge still performs its mining functions reliably and economically."

--Marcona Ocean Industries, Bahamas

"We picked Ellicott® based on their superior quality, delivery, and price."

--Daewoo Corporation, Korea

"Our experience to date with the Series 370 dredge has been very positive. PCA has been very satisfied with the performance of the Ellicott® dredges and the customer service provided by Ellicott®. this was a major factor in PCA's design to purchase a second dredge from Ellicott®."

--Potash Company of American, Canada
(Subsidiary of RTZ)

"We operate an Ellicott® Series B490 dredge on a continuous basis, 24 hours per day, year round. Reliability has been excellent."

--Kalium Chemicals, Canada

"We would like to express our appreciation to Mud Cat™ for the design, manufacture and timely delivery of their innovative, state-of-the-art dredging equipment. The Mud Cat MC-915 ENV has been proven to cause minimal disturbance and adverse impact on the aquatic ecosystem. Our requirements and objectives were met and exceeded."

--Environment Canada

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