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Ellicott® Dredging Videos and Animations
Animations provided by Framework Media


Spud Carriage Animation

Benefits of Hydraulic Dredging for Mining Applications

Dredging Inlets and Harbors

Material Handling Options


Dual Function Dredger 860SL Animation


Swinging Ladder Dredge Animation

Cutterhead Dredge Animation


670 Dragon® Dredge Launch


Operator Controlling Cutterhead of Ellicott® 370 Portable Dredge in Sand Mining


Ellicott® Cutterhead and Ladder Test


370HP Dredger Launch - Ellicott Dredges


Small Hydraulic Dredge Being Loaded on Truck


Cutterhead Clay Remover


370HP Dragon® Dredge Launch for Coal Mine Tailings Recovery

Ellicott 4170 Super Dragon® Cutterhead Dredger Being Towed To Site

Ellicott 1870 Dragon® Cutterhead Dredger in Bangladesh

Ellicott 670 Dragon® Dredger in Nigeria

460SL Dredger Pressure Test

Swinging Ladder Dredge Advance

370 Dredger Transport


Ellicott® Dredge History Part 1 (Bucketwheel Dredge)


Ellicott® Dredge History Part 2 (Bucketwheel Dredge)


Cooljarloo Ellicott® Dredge



Dredge Equipment

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