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Special Features

Wheel Dragon™ Bucketwheel Dredges

In 1976, Ellicott® designed and patented the first bucketwheel cutterhead dredge. Since then the Wheel Dragon™ has become popular in mining assignments around the world. The addition of a bucketwheel excavator to your dredge will increase cutting force and overall production. Whether to increase production in a sand mining operation or to mine the world's hardest trona, the Wheel Dragon™ is your solution.

The Wheel Dragon™ modification can be made on our 670 series Dragon® models and up.

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Coastal Dragon®

Ellicott®'s new Coastal Dragon® design is ideal for working in coastal environments. The Coastal Dragon® has optional tilting spuds that allow the dredge to be launched under busy under passes and continue operation while working in a waterway with many bridges. Increasing free board allows the Coastal Dragon® to work in seas with unpredictable or constant swells.

The Coastal Dragon® design can be added to our 1170 Series Dragon® model and up.

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Jet Dragon®

The Ellicott® Jet Dragon® uses a Hydro-Jet assist to ensure consistent production at maximum digging depths. The Jet Dragon® eliminates the need to install a ladder mounted dredge pump. The Hydro-Jet assist can be turned on and off, as it may not be needed for shallower depths. The Jet Dragon® is ideal for mining operations that have deeper dredging in their future plans.

The Jet Dragon® design can be added to all of our cutter head dredge models.

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The Ellicott® Sandminer® is the heaviest duty machine in its class. Designed for constant work and 85 foot digging depth, the Sandminer® stands alone with its strength and durability. A direct drive, ladder mounted dredge pump ensures equal production even at its deepest dredging depth.

To learn more about the Sandminer® and receive its production capacity please contact Ellicott® for complete information.

Electric Dredges

As an alternative to diesel engines, Ellicott® also offers electric dredges. These dredges are electrically powered from shore and are beneficial for long-term use projects. 

Since there is no diesel engine, electric dredges cost less to maintain and the higher initial investment is usually offset by the lower operating costs. 

Electric drive is offered as an option on all size and type dredges produced by Ellicott®.

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