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Related Companies

Innovative Material Systems

Known for self-propelled dredges using patented Starwheel™ self-propulsion drive which eliminates work intensive cable rigging. Based in Kansas, USA.

Mud Cat


United Marine International

A leading manufacturer of trash skimmers and weed harvesters for ports & lakes. Based in New York, USA.

Government Agencies

Environmental Protection Agency

Moving Mud: Remediating Great Lakes contaminated sediments.

Panama Canal

Ellicott Dredges has built all of the cutter dredges ever bought by the Panama Canal — from
original construction through today. Ellicott's Mindi, originally sold in 1942, is still at work.

US Army Corps of Engineers

Ellicott Dredges has supplied dredging machinery for all but one of the Corps' hopper dredges built
this century, and cutter dredges too.

Dredging Contractors - North America

Cashman Dredging

National leader in Environmental Dredging, Backfill, and Capping. Cashman also performs
Maintenance Dredging, Beach Re-nourishment, and Capital Improvement, and Marine Drilling and Blasting domestically and internationally.

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock

A leading international dredge contractor. Three Ellicott dredges are in the Great Lakes Dredge
and Dock fleet. Based in Oak Brook, Illinois USA.

Industrial Environmental

A full service dredging and dewatering company located in Rockport, Indiana, specializing in material handling, ash pond management, waterway maintenance, and pond cleaning.

Inner Space Services

All phases of trenchless pipe replacement and marina dredging. Based in Braintree, Massachusetts USA.

Kentmorr EcoDredge

The proven marine dredging solution that focuses on sustainable beach and tidal wetland replenishment.

Southwind Construction Corp.

For over 20 years, Southwind Construction Corp. has been providing dredging and environmental services. Based in Evansville, Indiana USA.

Dredging Contractors - Other Regions

Arab Contractors Company

The largest construction company based in the Middle East uses exclusively Ellicott dredgers in
their fleet.

Dragados S.A.

Dragados is a leading international dredging contractor, relying on Ellicott dredges since 1967.

Hall Contracting

Hall Contracting focuses primarily on dredging and civil subdivision work. Dredging projects have
been completed all across Australia, Based in Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia.

Mining Companies

Arab Potash 

Uses an Ellicott bucketwheel dredge to mine salt in a very challenging environment — the Dead Sea.


Dupont uses the largest mining dredge in North America for mineral sands (TiO2) mining.


FMC Corporation uses an Ellicott Wheel-Dragon dredger B890 for soda ash mining.

Montana Resources

In partnership with ASARCO, Inc., operates Montana Resources, a mining company in Butte, Montana, USA.

Environmental Companies

Eagle North America

A full service dredging, dewatering and reclamation contractor. Based in Boise, Idaho, USA (Serving the Western United States.)


A comprehensive environment infrastructure solutions company. Based in New Brunswick, Canada.

Other Dredging Interests

Western Dredging Association (WEDA)

"World Dredging Mining and Construction"
The original journal serving ports, waterways, mining, and Marine Construction Industries since 1965.

Brazil - Miquelanti Ltda

Source for Ellicott Dragon and Wheel Dragon mining dredges in Brazil

Caterpillar Marine

Ellicott’s Partner for Over 50 Years Offering the Right Power Solutions for Demanding Dredging Environments All Over the World

Geoplex Drillteq

Ellicott's spare parts depot located in Port Harcourt, Nigeria that has the capability to ship parts to the Lagos area daily.

Killick Agencies and Marketing Ltd.

Killick is a 150 year old company that has been a pioneer in bringing modern technology and products to India. Killick is the exclusive promoter of Ellicott Dragon™ dredges in India.

Kruse Controls

Supplies PLC-based automation systems on bucket and cutter-suction dredges. Single source for industrial automation and information services. Uses Mud Cat™ Series 370HP dredge.

Makisur S.A. de C.V.

Exclusive source for Ellicott Dragon™ dredges in Mexico.

Pakistan - Cresguard Systems (Pvt) Ltd.

Exclusive source for Ellicott Dragon™ dredgers in Pakistan.


The source for dredgers and dredging equipment in Egypt.


The Argentine dredging connection.

Turkey – Guler Marine

Source for Ellicott Dragon dredges in Turkey

US Silica

A major American glass and foundry sand producer relies on Ellicott dredges for mining its raw material.

West Africa - Logistics & Assistance, S.A.

Source for Ellicott Dragon dredges in Francophone, West Africa

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