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Ecosystem Restoration

Environmental remediation is beneficial to both the local recreationalist and to natural wildlife habitats.  The natural flow of material and seasonal storm surges can choke off channels that feed freshwater to inland wetlands or ponds.  Dredging these channels allows water to circulate in and out of these inland sites, bringing in nutrients and flushing out waste. 

Smaller Ellicott® dredges are particularly effective in these projects.  Both the 360SL Swinging Dragon® and 460SL Swinging Dragon® dredges are ideal in these narrow channels.  Their cutterhead design allows for successful performance in all types of material.

This 360SL Swinging Dragon® dredge, used on the East Coast USA, opened up channels to a local wetland. This particular company dedicates their dredge to environmental projects.

Dredge Equipment for Ecosystem Restoration Dredging

Ecosystem Restoration Case Studies

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