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Ellicott Dredge Enterprises, LLC Acquires Rohr Sand & Gravel Dredge Operations; Expands Leading Role in S&G Dredge Mining

Ellicott Dredge Enterprises, LLC Acquires Rohr Sand & Gravel Dredge Operations; Expands Leading Role in S&G Dredge Mining

Rohr product line
Rohr product line

Ellicott Dredge Enterprises, LLC of Baltimore, Md. USA has acquired selected assets of Rohr Corporation (USA), including its current backlog, and all associated intellectual property, as well as the shares of Rohr Bagger GMBH, based in Mannheim, Germany. Through a newly formed subsidiary, Rohr International Dredge Co., LLC, Rohr will operate as an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of Ellicott.  The Rohr companies are leading manufacturers of automated floating clamshell and bucket ladder dredge systems for the sand & gravel and aggregate industries, especially for hard digging and deep digging applications.

Ellicott 370 Dragon<sup>®</sup> Dredge Sand stockpile
370 Ellicott Dragon ® Dredge in sand mining Sand stockpiling from Ellicott cutter dredger

Ellicott's Vice President of Sales, Paul Quinn, said "this international acquisition will benefit all existing and potential customers of Ellicott by allowing for greater choices among dredges best suited for various applications.  United under one corporate umbrella, Ellicott will continue to offer hydraulic cutterhead dredges while Rohr can provide clamshell and bucket ladder dredging systems.  This will allow us to present customers with the best equipment choice without any design limitations from the supplier."

Ellicott Board Member Heiko Osterchrist will be joining Rohr's management team full time as Managing Director. Osterchrist said, "Ellicott is already the leader in the design and supply of cutter suction dredges for the sand & gravel field. Rohr has clients in different geologies, and technology serving deep digging applications (up to 400 ft. /122 m.)  Its patented automation offers customers the lowest-cost-per ton sand & gravel recovery, and the ability to extend the life of the existing deposits. Rohr has hundreds of successful applications in over 15 countries.  Together Rohr and Ellicott will be able to serve the market best as a single source supplier," he concluded. 

Jochen Rohr, President of the former Rohr Corp, will join the new Rohr Corp as President.

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