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Land Reclamation/Island Creation

Creating new land or restoring flooded lands is common throughout the world for real estate development and rehabilitating storm damaged areas. The use of a dredge is the most efficient means of completing these projects. Using an Ellicott® cutter suction dredge allows an operator to dredge and place material precisely where needed.

Typically larger Ellicott® dredges are used for this application with the most common being the Series 1270 Dragon® dredge. The size of dredge selected for the project will depend on its scope. If reclaiming a small swamp land a Series 670 Dragon® dredge will be ideal. However, if building a large scale development, considering a Series 1270 Dragon® dredge or larger is ideal.

In the estuaries surrounding Abu Dhabi, UAE a fleet of brand new Ellicott® Series 4170 Super Dragon® Dredges reclaim and reshape the inland areas for luxury real estate.


This private island was reclaimed from the Persian Gulf with the use of a Series 1270 Dragon® dredge (shown working near the bottom right of island.)


In the swampy areas surrounding the Niger Delta, this Series 1270 Dragon® dredge reclaims sand for the development of new communities. The new land created by this dredge is the foundation for hundreds of brand new homes. In addition to building the base, the dredge also supplied sand for block construction of the new homes.

Dredge Equipment for Land Reclamation & Island Creation

Land Reclamation Dredging Case Studies

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