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February 2000

Source: World Dredging Mining & Construction

Dredge "Cooljarloo" State-of-the-Art Bucketwheel Mining Dredge
Dredge "Hydro-Quebec" Most Powerful Dredge When Built
Dredge "Florida" from the Steep Rock Iron Ore Project as it looks today--almost 50 years after its original construction 
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The January 2000 issue of World Dredging Mining & Constructionmagazine has featured the top 10 technical innovations of the 20th century together with the top 10 marine dredging projects.

World Dredging cited Ellicott® for its role in three of the ten technical innovations:

  1. Development of the cutter suction dredge.
  2. Development of the portable dredge by Mud Cat™.
  3. Development of the bucketwheel suction dredge.

No other manufacturer or designer was cited for as many technical innovations as Ellicott®.

Of the ten largest dredging projects, Ellicott® equipment was used in over half of those named. These included the largest project--industrial land reclamation in Japan from 1952 to 1980, and the second largest--the construction and expansion of the Panama Canal.

Ellicott® built all of the dredges used in the original construction of the Panama Canal. Ellicott® also supplied the dredging equipment used in the largest dredge mining project, the Steep Rock Iron Ore Mine in Canada.

WORLD DREDGING ranked the dredging projects by the quantity of material dredged.

For more information see their January 2000 issue, "Dredging in 2000: 20th Century Review".

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