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Reservoir Dredging

The natural flow of water commonly causes the need for regular dredging of local waterways.  Other than mining, the most common use for an Ellicott® dredge is reservoir dredging.  Some cities and municipalities source the community's water from open air reservoirs.  Sometimes these reservoirs silt in or become contaminated with material.  Dredging is an efficient and effective way to keep these reserves clean. 

Nearly the entire Ellicott® dredge standard product line can be utilized for these projects; from Ellicott's smallest 360SL Swinging Dragon® to the large Series 1870 Dragon®

This 370 HP Dragon® dredge was used to remove accumulated silt and increase capacity of a reservoir in Virginia.

This Ellicott® Series 370HP Dragon® dredge in Costa Rica is used to remove siltation from a drinking water reservoir and maintain water depth in local rivers to mitigate from future floods.

Dredge Equipment for Reservoir Dredging

Reservoir Dredging Case Studies

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