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Mining/ Tailings Dredging

More often than not, mining with a dredge is the most efficient way to consistently obtain materials. Whether it be sand, gravel or hard salt deposits, there is an Ellicott® dredge that is the proper size for your mine.

Nearly the entire Ellicott® standard dredge product line can be utilized for mining.  Selecting the proper sized dredge for your job is important.  It is very common for mining companies to consult with Ellicott® on new projects from the feasibility stage all the way through to installation of the dredge system.

See the article about Ellicott in Energy & Mining International.

This Ellicott® Series 870 dredge is ideal for small to mid size mining operations. The 870 is known throughout the industry for its simple, heavy-duty design.

Some mining applications require increased cutting force to acquire hard material and feed the dredge pump consistently. In special applications, utilizing an Ellicott® Wheel Dragon™ dredge is the most efficient and practical way to mine.

Dredge Equipment for Mining

Mining Case Studies (including tailings and fines recovery)

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