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Ellicott Dredge News

dredger October 2018 Ellicott’s Electric Bucketwheel Dredge to Air on MEGA MACHINES 10-25-2018
dredger February 2018 Ellicott Wins Malawi Contract
dredger December 2017 Ellicott and Caterpillar Marine Celebrate Over 50 Years of Success Together
dredger June 2017 Ellicott Wins Three Government Contracts in the U.S.
dredger October 2016 Leadership Changes at Ellicott Dredge Enterprises
dredger October 2016 Ellicott Announces Three Custom Dredger Contracts
dredger June 2016 Ellicott Dredges’ Parent Company Makes Fortune 500 List
dredger April 2016 New Hires, Promotions and Awards for Ellicott Dredge Enterprises
dredger November 2015 Two Ellicott Dredges Working on Port Expansion Project in Latin America
dredger October 2015 Two Ellicott Dredges Work to Restore National Wildlife Refuge
dredger September 2015 Tappan Lake Dredging Begins with Ellicott 370 Dragon® Dredger
dredger September 2015 Ellicott Announces Completely New Series 2070 Dragon® Dredger
dredger June 2015 Ellicott 460SL Swinging Ladder dredge to be used for marsh restoration at Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge
dredger June 2015 Ellicott-designed hopper dredge cited for work on Mississippi River
dredger May 2015 Cheboygan River Dredging Resumes with Ellicott 670 Dredge
dredger May 2015 Ohio DNR: New Rules for Buckeye Lake
dredger April 2015 Ellicott Dredge Leads Gulf of Mexico Marsh Restoration for BP Spill Recovery in Louisiana
dredger April 2015 Preparations Underway for Apollo Beach Dredging
dredger April 2015 Dredging Needed to Control Floods in Jammu & Kashmir
dredger April 2015 Ellicott Dredges Announces Worldwide Results
dredger March 2015 Lavon Lake dredging project adds to North Texas water supply
dredger March 2015 Fire Island Dredging Resumes
dredger March 2015 US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew Visits Ellicott® Dredges
dredger March 2015 Duncan Seawall Completes Sawgrass Lake Dredging
dredger March 2015 70+ year old Ellicott Dredge, "MINDI," works round the clock, 24/7 on Panama Canal expansion
dredger November 2014 Ellicott Dredges' President Peter Bowe is Named Baltimore CEO of the Year
dredger March 2014 U.S. Government Agency OPIC Gives Award to Ellicott Dredges, LLC of Baltimore, MD, USA
dredger December 2013 Ellicott® Announces Two New Dredge Simulators
dredger November 2013 State of Ohio Orders Two Custom Dredges from Ellicott®: 9th and 10th Dredges since 1965.
dredger May 2013 President Barack Obama Visits Ellicott® Dredges and Delivers Policy Speech on Infrastructure
dredger July 2012 ROHR, an Ellicott® Dredge Enterprises, LLC Unit, Acquires IDRECO Sand and Gravel Dredge Design & Manufacturing Operation
dredger June 2012 U.S. Government, and U.S. State Governments, Pick Ellicott®---Again and Again
dredger February 2012 Year End Shipments Break Industry Record -- Sales to Over 25 Countries
dredger January 2012 New Paint Process, Plant Upgrades, Deal of the Year: Ellicott®'s Winter News
dredger September 2011 New Animation, Parts Depot, and Engineering Software: Ellicott®'s Fall News
dredger July 2011 Missouri River Flooding, 2 Minute Beach Nourishment, and More Dredging Stories
dredger June 2011 State of Ohio Selects Ellicott® for New Dredge: Ellicott®'s Summer News
dredger March 2011 Ellicott® Dredge Enterprises, LLC Acquires Rohr Sand & Gravel Dredge Operations; Expands Leading Role in S&G Dredge Mining
dredger March 2011 Ellicott® Dredges - The First and The Best
dredger March 2011 What's Happening at Ellicott® Dredges?
dredger November 2010 US Looks to Free Trade Agreements to Boost Exports, Create Jobs
dredger November 2010 White House Announces Sale by Ellicott® Dredges, LLC during President Obama's Trip to India
dredger September 2010 Port of Baltimore Announces 125th Anniversary of Ellicott® Dredges
dredger July 2010 Ellicott® Develops New Dual Function Dredge; US Government Initial Buyer
dredger June 2010 Ellicott® Dredges Leads the World in Dredge Mining Applications: Highlights of Recent Mining Projects
dredger March 2010 US Secretary of Commerce calls Ellicott® dredges "the best in the world" during factory visit to promote US exports
dredger February 2010 Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke Promotes National Export Initiative During Tour of Local Manufacturing Facility
dredger January 2010 Baltimore SmartCEO Magazine Announces Ellicott® Dredge Enterprises on its Award List of 2010 Fast Growth Companies
 December 2009 New York town to use its own new Ellicott® dredge to restore beaches after storm 
 December 2009 U.S. Ex-Im Bank Invites Ellicott® Dredges to Present at its Export Financing Seminar
 December 2009 Markel Ventures Acquires Ellicott® Dredges
dredger November 2009 Canal Corporation Announces Dredging of Frankfort Harbor Complete - 
An Ellicott® Series 1170-S "Dragon®" Dredge is used
 November 2009 "Boaters delighted with Wiggins Pass" dredging Ellicott® Series 1170 "Dragon®" Dredge is used
 September 2009 Ellicott® Dredges LLC Wins Federal Grant for Expansion
 July 2009 Ellicott® Dredges Receives Four Awards and New Orders
 April 2009 Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) uses Ellicott® dredge for massive coal ash cleanup
 November 2008 Kentmorr Channel Being Dredged using Ellicott® "Swinging Ladder" Dredge- System 'More Favorable' to Ecosystems
 November 2008 County-Owned Dredging Program is a Very Valuable Asset. Ellicott® Series 670 Dredge "CodFish" Used (Downloadable PDF File, 1.1 MB)
 August 2008 Ellicott® Dredges issues mid-year report on new dredges and new factory
 August 2008 Ellicott® "Swinging Dragon®" dredge successfully completes 24/7 dredging operation in a very difficult project.
 May 2008 Ellicott® Looks to the Future, Dredging and Port Construction Article (pdf file, 637 KB)
 August 2007 Manufacturing Today Interview
 March 2007 Sebastian Inlet dredging starts using an Ellicott® Series 970
 March 2007 Baltimore Dredge Enterprises issues its report on 2006 performance
 September 2006 Ellicott® Dredges Receives U.S. Commerce Department 2006 Export Achievement Award
 July 2006 Port of Baltimore Salutes Ellicott® as Exporter of "Dependable Dredging Equipment"
 June 2006 Dredging Project Slated to Begin at Garrisons Lake, Smyrna, Delaware using Ellicott® Series 370 "Dragon®"
 May 2006 Ellicott® Series 1170 "Dragon®" to dredge Champlain Canal
 February 2006 Local dredging contractor aids suburbs in hurricane flood relief, restores natural habitat, and builds beaches using an Ellicott® 370HP cutter suction dredge.
 February 2006 Ellicott® Series 670 "Dragon®" is utilized as Selectmen Call for Better Beach Management
 August 2005 Ellicott® Series 1170 "DRAGON" Dredge commissioned to work in UAE
 June 2005 New Ellicott® 460 Swinging Ladder Dredge Delivered to the State of Ohio
 May 2005 Ellicott® has issued its 2004 report which is very bullish
 May 2004 Ellicott® "SUPER-DRAGON" Dredges for China
 November 2003 Weeks Marine Takes Delivery of Ellicott® 28" "Super-Dragon®" Dredge
 December 2002 New 10" Aggregate Dredge Sold to Site Development Company in Delaware
 December 2001 Ellicott® announces the New and Innovative SANDMINER™ Aggregate Production Dredge 
 September 2001 Ellicott®'s Basic Dredge Laws© are now available online
 August 2001 Ellicott® Announces New Dredging Technology for Environmental Clean-Ups
 December 2000 Ellicott® Signs Contract in Vietnam for 2 Dredgers to Rebuild Irrigation Networks Destroyed by Flooding
 October 2000 Great Lakes Dredge & Dock uses Ellicott® Cutter Dredge for the Keta Sea Defense Project in Ghana, Africa
 August 2000 1908 Ellicott® Dredge "Porta Allegra" aka "Lobster Wreck" found off of North Carolina
 February 2000 Ellicott® Leads Dredging in the 20th Century
 November 8, 1999 Ellicott® International Wins Contract in China
 September 24, 1999 Dredge Builder Ellicott® International Receives Award
 August 31, 1999 Ellicott® dredge used by Ludlum Construction for harbor dredging contract with Army Corps of Engineers
 July, 1999 Nation's man-made federal lakes could be used more, panel says.
 June, 1999 Dredging and the Great Barrier Reef
 March 16, 1999 Dredging work begins in Clam Pass, Florida to restore dying mangrove forest
 March 4, 1999 US Investors Eye Port Construction Projects
 August 18, 1997 The Port of Los Angeles' Pier 400 Project Advancing to Second Stage
 April 1997 Ellicott® Commissions Dredges in Vietnam
 February 17, 1997 Persistence pays off for World Trade Center Institute Award Winners
 December 1996 New Cape Fear and Ellicott® Joint Venture
 January 15, 1996 It's time to prepare for the Pacific Century by Federico Peña, U.S. Secretary of Transportation
 November 9, 1995 Transportation Trends, Excerpts from a Press Statement by Frederico Peña, U.S. Secretary of Transportation
 September 7, 1995 Success Seen For U.S. Policy of Countering Tied Aid: Testimony by Eximbank Chairman to U.S. House of Representatives
 July 1995 Ellicott® Signs Agreement to Deliver Two "SUPER-DRAGON™" Dredges to Vietnam
 October 26, 1994 Dredging for Success: Clinton's Export Strategy by Peter A. Bowe, President, Ellicott® International
 April, 1994 Ellicott® International Plays Important Role in Passing of NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement)
 April 1992 "Alabama" Is Oldest Operating Ellicott® Dredge
 March 1987 Ellicott® International receives the President's "E" Award for "Excellence in Exporting"
 April 1984 Dredge: SAS TRAPNELL, Delaware City Canal, USA
 October 1976 Formal Ceremonies Mark Indonesian Dredge Shipment
 January 1947 World's Largest Tin Dredge to be Launched

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