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Ellicott® Series 1170 "Dragon®" Dredge used in Port Said, EGYPT Expansion Project

June 2001

Source: World Dredging Mining & Construction, by Mort Richardson, Publisher

Ellicott<sup>®</sup> Series 1170 Dredge
Arab Contractors' Ellicott® Series 1170 Dredge "OSMASON II"

A dredging project was awarded to the Egyptian company, Arab Contractors, to dredge in a nearby lake on the south side of Port Said.

The purpose of the contract was to reclaim land for new infrastructure, expanding the land base of the port. Use of the land is indicated for both new housing and a possible university development.

The project began in December of 1999 and is expected to be completed in June 2001.

The dredging is conducted using a 16/14 inch  Ellicott® Series 1170 "Dragon®" dredge, 33 ft digging depth, 855 HP pump, auxiliary 290 HP, with a capacity of 150-700 yd3/hr.  Pumping approximately 2 km, it uses a booster pump about half way to the discharge point.  Total new land created is approximately 2.0M m3, with about 4.0M m3 of material.  The dredging depth has varied from 1.5 to 10 m.

The project manager is Gehad Aly Slama, Chief Mechanical Engineer, Dredging Dept., Arab Contractors.

The dredge was originally furnished from Ellicott® through their representative in Egypt, Sadco Engineering Works, Cairo.

Reprinted from World Dredging Mining & Construction

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