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Ellicott Parts and Service

Global Offices

Ellicott Parts Headquarters

1611 Bush Street
Baltimore, MD 21230

Ph: (410) 625-0808
Fax: (410) 244-8768

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Contact Us

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Jack Fiddes
Department Director
(410) 545-0256 [email protected]
Brian D'Angelo
Parts Sales Manager
(410) 545-0239 [email protected]
Mark Heimberger
Senior Field Engineer
(410) 302-2561 [email protected]
Gordon Hall
Senior Field Engineer
(410) 302-9726 [email protected]
Ray Scott
Field Service Technician
(410) 818-7678 [email protected]
Rick Giddings
Field Service Technician
(410) 545-0207 [email protected]
Jeremy Swimm
Field Service Technician
(410) 545-0223 [email protected]
Ellicott Parts Nigeria

Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

Ph: 0803 5696538

[email protected]
Ellicott Parts Mexico

Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico

Ph: (993) 314-4790
Fax: (993) 314-2426

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Parts Department

Ellicott strives to be a leader in every aspect of the dredging industry. Our mission is to boost your dredge efficiency and increase your profits. To ensure your satisfaction, Ellicott's Customer Service provides the highest possible quality parts and service. Our multiple manufacturing facilities enable us to:

Service Department

Ellicott's Field Service team of highly qualified technicians are available for the following:

  • Assembly/Installation of new dredges
  • Service supervision of dredge operations and maintenance procedures
  • Advice on efficient operation
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics

Placing an Order

To place an order, please contact the Parts Department. When placing an order, have the following information available:
• Dredge Name, Model Number
• Original Contract Number
• Parts Description
• Part Number
• Quantity Needed

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