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Southwind Construction Contracts: DREDGING & DEWATERING


Source: VIRGINIA POWER CO. - Chesterfield Station Virginia

Southwind Construction Company (SWC) was contracted to perform dredging for Virginia Power Company at three (3) separate locations with total ash removal ranging from 400,000 cubic yards to one million cubic yards at their Chesterfield Station.

A 14-inch Ellicott® B-890 Wheel-Dragon® dredge was used to efficiently (and cost effectively) remove the ash from one basin and transport the material via poly-pipeline to a storage basin. Silt curtains were utilized to control suspended solids and minimize turbidity at the discharge point into the James River. Additionally, levee conditions at the storage basin deteriorated due to heavy weather; SWC personnel monitored water levels and controlled the pressure on the levee by regulating the water discharge rate and by providing two (2) 10" pumps. The project was successfully completed on time and under budget.

Indiana - 1996
SWC has, on six separate occasions, successfully completed dredging of the ash ponds and materials to facilitate disposal of ash into an approved spoilsite. The work included mobilization and demobilization, dredging, and levee and dike embankment construction. All work was performed in strict accordance with the client's specifications and quality control monitoring systems, state and federal regulatory agencies, and the Southwind philosophy of Total Quality Management.


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