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State of Ohio Selects Ellicott® for New Dredge: Ellicott®'s Summer News

June 2011

New Animation Highlights Inlet Clearing/Sand Traps

Have you ever encountered an inlet that became so shallow from sand accumulation that boats were unable to navigate safely?  Our latest informational animation highlights this common problem as well as solutions to solve it using an Ellicott Dragon® Dredge. 

This Inlet animation, as well as others, can be found on our website,, and YouTube page.


1170 Dragon® Dredge Working in Aleutian Islands

When we say our dredges are being used across the world, we mean it.  An 1170 Dragon® Dredge has recently arrived in Alaska for a US Army Corps of Engineers project.

Knik Construction Company bought the 1170 Dragon® Dredge to create a port in the city of Akutan, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. Since Akutan provides a substantial volume of seafood for the United States, this 1170 Dragon® Dredge will be crucial for the local commercial fishing industry.

The dredge was assembled onsite, in difficult climatic conditions, with the assistance of the Ellicott field service team.


Iraq Ambassador Visits Ellicott Plant

On April 1, 2011, Ellicott was proud to host the Iraq Ambassador to the United States, Samir Sumaidaie, at our New Richmond Wisconsin manufacturing facility.  Sumaidaie visited the plant to personally inspect newly purchased dredges to clear rivers and irrigation canals in Iraq. 

Under Saddam Hussein's rule, Iraq's waterways were neglected, but Ellicott is working closely with Iraq's Ministry of Water Resources to keep these waterways open.  In order to accomplish this task, the Ministry has purchased both an 1170 Dragon® Dredge , and an 1870 Dragon® Dredge.

Ellicott's relationship with Iraq continues to strengthen, and during his trip Sumaidaie noted this importance. "I hope other companies will learn from this - building trust and building relationships," Sumaidaie said. "This is the kind of story we'd like to see get out. The general impression is that Iraq is still a war zone, and that there is corruption."

Ellicott's Vice President of Sales, Paul Quinn, knows that this is not the case, and he agrees that building a relationship with Iraq is important.  "We were excited to have Ambassador Sumaidaie visit Ellicott and see the quality of our dredging equipment."

State of Ohio Dredge Contract Awarded

Many of our dredges are working in the most remote and exotic locations around the world.  In addition to these, however, we frequently provide for the dredging needs of customers at home in the United States.

We were recently awarded a contract by the State of the Ohio to build a 12" dredge powered by a 540HP diesel engine to be used exclusively for work at Grand Lake Saint Mary's.  This custom dredge will add to the State of Ohio's growing fleet of Ellicott dredges still working, some over 45 years old.  It is being designed and built to meet the specific needs of the State of Ohio, and will be delivered in early 2012.  The State of Ohio selected Ellicott after an open tender process as providing the best value.

Employee Spotlight: Ernie Escola

Ernie Escola, Ellicott's International Sales Manager, has retired after 27 years of dedicated service.  Ernie started with Ellicott in 1984, and has been an important member of the team ever since. 

Whether he was traveling to Argentina or India to visit customers, or telling stories of dredge projects from the 1980s, Ernie has been a true asset to the Ellicott team. 

His extensive knowledge and professionalism will be missed not only around the office, but also with our many customers who have grown to rely on Ernie for all their dredging related questions. 

Ellicott President Peter Bowe toasted Ernie at his retirement party, noting that Ellicott's customers have benefited much from Ernie's long, loyal, and dedicated service to the industry, all carrying the Ellicott banner.

Fortunately, Ellicott has a talented replacement for Latin American sales, Andres Borasino, who comes to Ellicott with over 14 years of International Business experience.

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