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2000+ Ellicott® brand dredges have been delivered to customers in over 100 countries.

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For a project that requires precise operating objectives, Ellicott stands ready to produce a dredge that meets our customer’s exact specifications.

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We offer the industry’s most comprehensive Customer Service Department with the best quality parts and highly-qualified technicians.

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An Industry Leader of Quality-Built Dredges

A Proud Tradition

As one of the world’s largest suppliers of medium-sized cutter suction dredges, Ellicott Dredges takes its market position very seriously. Our core values are embodied in every Ellicott® brand dredge’s DNA. Throughout our  history, Ellicott® brand dredge owners have learned that  production and dependability is our way of life, not just a saying.  

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Ellicott 670 Dredge Supporting an Oil Operation in Nigeria

Ellicott dredges have been supplied to over 100 countries across the globe, including countries in...
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Dragas Ellicott en la Costa Peruana

La marca Ellicott® continúa ofreciendo dragas de calidad a clientes en todo el mundo. En...
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  • Just wanted to say thank you again, your 300 SL Dragon is a very high-quality machine! Many dredges especially “old swinging ladder dredges” pump water while the operator is setting up for the next cut, but not this one. We were able to turn the pump off, with the flick of a switch, set up, then send the treatment plant heavy solids! We had zero downtime due to the dredge.

    James E. Riley
    Riley Dredge Consulting
  • We are also most impressed with Brutus [our 460S dredge], it is truly a sight to behold sitting in the shop, and, the quality workmanship, pride and attention to detail demonstrates the commitment on those involved…Customer service and attention to details such as this are why…the Ohio Department of Natural Resources is proud of our longstanding relationship with Ellicott Dredges.

    Bob Cumbow, Deputy Chief
    Ohio State Parks
  • Since 1990, myself and my mechanic have contacted the customer service and parts division on many occasions and all Ellicott® personnel have treated us with respect and integrity. The “Rudee Inlet II” dredge has served the City of Virginia Beach very well since 1987 and still remains in excellent condition to this day.

    City of Virginia Beach
    Operations Supervisor, Public Works Highway Division