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Large Mining Dredge in North America to Mine TiO2 in Florida, USA for DuPont

Source: Mining Journal

Ellicott Dredge for DuPont – “SANDPIPER”

Length of hull 165 ft
Maximum digging depth 50 ft
Suction pipe size 23 in ID
Discharge pipe size 23 in ID
Pump HP 2,000 (1491 KW)
Cutter HP 1,450 (1081 KW)
Total installed HP 4,800 (3579 KW)

The Dupont Company of Wilmington, DE, is using a new Ellicott® brand dredge to mine for Titanium Dioxide (TIO2) in the state of Florida (USA).   DuPont is the world’s leading producer and consumer of TiO2, and as a result of a recent worldwide growing demand for this mineral has embarked on a multi-million dollar project to expand its mining operations near Maxville, Florida.

Two dredges fitted with mineral processing equipment are currently in operation at the adjacent Trail Ridge deposits. With the new dredge and associated plant, DuPont will extend the mine life to the year 2010. The dredges pump to floating concentrator plants that separate the TiO2 and various other mineral by-products which are pumped ashore from the concentrator. It is now standard practice for the tailings to be redeposited in the previously mined area. A carefully monitored environmental program ensures that the dredged-out area is restored as far as possible to its original elevation and contour.

The new dredge, named “SANDPIPER” will out-produce both of the existing operations combined. It will be shore-powered by a 13,800-volt trailing electric cable and will be designed to produce 2,100 tons/hr of TiO2 ore. It will pump through 600 ft of 23 in. ID pipeline to the concentrator plant, dredging to a maximum depth of 50 ft. The 2,000 HP ladder pump and 1,450 HP basket cutter will be line-shaft-driven by direct current motors. The ladder hoist and swing winches will also be driven by DC motors. Ellicott’s DC drive systems provide ideal control of the main dredging functions while offering high efficiency and reliability. The spuds will be operated by hydraulic cylinders, and a cylinder-operated traveling spud carriage with a 20-ft stroke will facilitate maneuvering.

Reprinted from Mining Journal

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