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SPECIAL ELECTRIC MINING DREDGES – “Stelinha V”, “Stelinha VI” and “B890E”

Owner – Mineracao Taboca, Brazil


PRINCIPAL PARTICULARS: “Stelinha V” “Stelinha VI” “B890E”
Hull Size – length in feet 110′ 81′ 56
Maximum Digging Depth 36′ 26′ 21′
Suction Pipe Size – ID 16″ 14″ 10″
Discharge Pipe Size – ID 16″ 14″ 10″
Dredge Pump Horsepower 500 600 350
Excavator Horsepower 250 100 40
Total Installed Horsepower 1000 850 420

PROJECT INFORMATION: By far the largest number of dual-wheel excavators on a single site are working in the western world’s richest tin mine at Pitinga, in Brazil’s Amazon basin. Located over 300 km northeast of the Amazon River port of Manaus, the mine is operated by Paranapanema, and last year produced over 10% of the world’s tin. The dredge fleet includes four Ellicott® brand dual-wheel excavators, and five Ellicott® brand single bucketwheels.

Cassiterite ore was originally exploited by barge-mounted Caterpillar 245 hydraulic excavators, but Paranapanema tried a dredge about 10 years ago and found that it improved tin recovery. The slurry is ideal for the concentrator and contributes to improved recovery. The Pitinga dredges win ore from depths of up to 8m. The largest unit is a B1690 but most of the fleet comprises 75 kW – bucketwheel power rating – B890 models.

Through the use of this type of equipment, their production has risen from 3000 tons per year eight years ago to 23,000 tons.

Special Features:

Shore powered electric wheel dredge for tin mining to replace numerous pieces of dryland equipment and increase the separation efficiency at the processing plant. Handles clay very well.

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