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Special Electric Mining Dredge – “Sandpiper”

Owner – E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co., USA


Hull Size – length in feet 165′
Maximum Digging Depth 50′
Suction Pipe Size – ID 23″
Discharge Pipe Size – ID 23″
Dredge Pump Horsepower 4800
Excavator Horsepower 1450
Total Installed Horsepower 4800


PROJECT INFORMATION: DuPont, the leading U.S. chemical company and the world’s largest producer of titanium dioxide (TiO2), recently completed a multi-million dollar project to expand its Florida mining operations by opening a new site near Maxville.  The new Ellicott® brand dredge and associated concentrator plant have increased production by 50% and will extend the mine life to the year 2010.  The dredge pumps to a floating concentrator plant which separates the TiO2 and various other mineral by-products from the sand.  The plant then pumps the concentrate to stockpiles on shore and returns the sand to the previously mined area.  A carefully executed environmental program ensures that the dredged-out area is restored as far as possible to its original condition.  One of the older two dredges recently operating at the adjacent Trail Ridge deposit has been shut down according to plan.  The new dredge “SANDPIPER” out-produces both of the previous dredges combined.

The “SANDPIPER” achieved its design production of 2,100 tons per hour during its first month of operation.  DuPont is now planning to expand production by over 40% to 3000 TPH.  With a few modifications, the “SANDPIPER” was built well enough to accommodate the major increase.


Largest TiO2 mining dredge in the United States.

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