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June 15, 2012
Owner: Quebec Hydro-Electric Commission, Canada PRINCIPAL PARTICULARS: Hull Size – length in feet 220′ Maximum Digging Depth 90′ Suction Pipe Size – ID 42″ Discharge Pipe Size – ID 36″ Dredge Pump Horsepower 8000 Excavator Horsepower 1000 Total Installed Horsepower 10,000 PROJECT INFORMATION: The Quebec Hydro-Electric Commission began making plans as early as 1925 to construct a new canal, which would take practically the whole flow of the St. Lawrence River, thus making available permanent power output of nearly 1,600,000 kilowatts. This canal was to be about 15 miles long, 3300 feet wide and 27 feet deep. The material to be excavated...
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