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The Importance of Training Dredge Operators

The Importance of Training Dredge Operators

Written by Andres Borasino, International Sales Manager.

Dredges are expensive machines utilized for the purpose of extracting valuable material and performing various types of important projects. Some of the most common applications are sand dredging, mining, and navigation dredging. Dredge contractors invest enormous amounts of capital in to their dredging operation so it is critical to ensure the maximization of the operation.

[soliloquy id=”112″]Ellicott has had the pleasure of meeting many highly qualified dredge operators in the field.  An effective dredge operator is focused not only on maximizing production, but also on properly operating and maintaining the dredge and associated equipment. These are all necessary aspects in meeting the goals of a project. The capabilities of the dredge operator are as important as the capabilities of the dredge itself.

The good news is the investment required in order to enhance an operator’s skills is very small when compared to the overall project investment. Investing in operator training yields results fairly quickly and the results extend beyond a single project. An effective dredge operator will contribute to reaching a project’s goals as well as extending the operating life and maintaining the value of dredging machinery. Training is crucial for new operators as well as experienced operators dealing with new and/or different dredging conditions. Training on dredge operations is also important for project supervisors and managers who need to have a comprehensive understanding of the conditions affecting the dredge operation. If all relevant employees receive proper training, there will be fewer problems and therefore less unscheduled maintenance during operation. By improving productivity and reducing downtime, the operator will be able to achieve maximum production. Additionally, training will help ensure that the dredge is being operated safely.

A reliable dredge manufacturer should be able to provide this type of support to its customers. At Ellicott we offer dredge simulator training courses and continuous field support and consultation worldwide.  We truly believe in building long-term relationships with our customers, and we believe this is achieved by ensuring that our customers are reaching their goals with our equipment.


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