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Edgartown Uses Ellicott 370 Dragon® Dredge to Extract Sand for Beach Nourishment Project

The Edgartown dredge committee has agreed to remove over 20,927 yd³ (16,000 m³) of sand from the Sengekontacket Pond near Martha’s Vineyard using an Ellicott® Series 370 Dragon® Dredge. The committee has agreed to sell the dredged materials to the neighboring town of Oak Bluffs, who will be using the sand as part of a beach nourishment project to replenish thinning public beaches in the local community.

Edgartown is the only island town in the region to own a dredge. Over the last few years, the dredge committee has used the Ellicott dredge to contract work with other neighboring island communities to dredge sand from local bodies of water to improve channel navigation. The dredged materials are then sold to local homeowner’s associations, private homeowners, and municipalities who use the sand to protect nearby coastlines, private and public infrastructure and restore beaches for recreational purposes.

The 370 Dragon® dredge is one of the most successful small-size range cutter suction dredges in the industry. Adaptation of the hull, ladder, and spud extensions for various digging depths adds to the dredges modular design concept and is ideal for first-time dredge owners and operators.

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