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Ellicott Dredge Helps Improve Marina Navigation

An Ellicott custom 360SL swinging ladder dredge is being used in multiple small port and marina projects in Oregon. The dredging projects, being conducted by the Oregon International Port of Coos Bay, will improve navigation in the Charleston Marina Complex.

The dredging is being conducted near the Point Adams Facility and the Russell Marine fuel dock. Work will ensure accessibility for commercial and recreation fishing fleets, and is expected to continue through December.

The dredge was purchased by the State of Oregon in 2015 for shared use by several coastal communities. Ellicott Dredges’ Rick Leverty, senior field service manager, said those in charge of operators and maintenance are pleased with the custom 360SL.

The Series 360SL Swinging Dragon dredge is a portable swinging ladder dredge that is designed to work in narrow channels and small projects. This versatile dredge is ideal for restoration projects involving marinas, lakes, and sensitive environmental dredging projects.

Ellicott Swinging Ladder Dredge 360SL

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