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Ellicott Dredges in the Peruvian Coast

Ellicott® continues to play a major role in providing quality dredges to customers worldwide. In 2019, an Ellicott® Series 670 dredge was supplied to Marina Coast Peru for the construction of a marina which will be a part of a future beach resort in the town of Máncora on the northern coast of Peru. Mancora is a great location for a marina, the offshore waters in this area are some of the richest in the world and are ideal for big-game fishing.

The Pacific Ocean is famous for its year-round swells, which is the main reason the designers of the marina decided to locate its main basin inland and protected by breakwaters.   For the construction of the marina basin, a total of 800,000 cubic meters of sand will need to be removed.  The final step of the dredging project involves the connection of the basin to the ocean and the creation of the navigation channel.

The Ellicott® 670 dredge is the perfect solution for Marina Coast. The Ellicott 670 is a very robust and versatile dredge.  With installed power of 715HP, 14” dredge pump and 100HP of cutting power, the 670 is a powerful yet portable machine.  The Ellicott® Dredge can be seen in the video removing material from the inland area of the marina, dredging at a depth of 4 meters and discharging material 1.2 kilometers away. Although only 4 meters of dredging depth is needed for this project, this model of the 670® dredges can excavate up to 10 meters, which will come in handy for future projects as well.










Ellicott dredges are known for their robust design which allow them to work in a wide range of conditions.  In addition, these dredges are meant to operate 24/7. This dredge proved itself as the project requires dredge operation 8 hours a day, 6days a week, with winds up to 35 kilometers per hour and under humid conditions. These dredges are also capable of dredging a variety of different types of material ranging from very fine sand to more dense material such as coarse sand and gravel. For this project, most of the material is coarse sand which proved to not be an issue for the dredge.

The use of a dredge reduces or even eliminates the need for traditional earth-moving equipment, given that a single dredge can extract and transport material through a pipe. Maintenance is another key factor in this project as the navigation channels along with the inland marina will need periodic maintenance to sustain the required 4-meter dredging depth. This portable dredge will allow for efficient and effective periodic maintenance, so that even once the initial project is completed, the dredge will continue to show its value.

The Ellicott® dredge will continue to be a crucial part of the Marina Coast Peru project even after the marina has been constructed. The Marina Coast project includes construction of condominiums, hotels, commercial zones with shopping centers, restaurants, markets, etc. in addition to the yacht club and recreational boating facilities. This project will increase tourism, boating activities, and will boost the local economy. The plan is for the marina to be in operation by 2024.  The plans for this new resort are ambitious but the end results will be impressive. Ellicott is proud to be part of this project and will continue to provide support for the Marina Coast Peru’s team.


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