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Series 860SL Swinging Dragon® Dredge

Ellicott 860 Swinging Ladder Dredge

Series 860SL Swinging Dragon® Dredge

The Series 860SL Swinging Dragon® dredge is a combination swinging ladder and conventional cutter suction dredge capable of reaching dredging depths up to 30′ (9.1 m). This durable dredge’s swinging ladder mode enables operation in narrow creeks or channels. Also, the 860SL is ideal for most mining, sand and gravel, reservoir sediment removal, and medium-sized navigational, and waterway maintenance projects.


  • The portable dredge is easy to assemble with little effort on site.
  • Fully enclosed machinery provides protection and ample room for routine maintenance.
  • The conventional dredging mode allows for wider swing widths for optimal precision cut and efficient productivity.


Discharge Size: 14” x 14” (350 mm x 350 mm)
Main Engine Caterpillar C-32: 800 HP (596 kW)
Power @ Cutter Drive: 100 HP (75 kW)
Maximum Dredging Depth: 30′ (9.1 m)


  • Suction side relief valve.
  • Anchor booms.
  • Dredge positioning system.
  • Engine compartment fire suppression system.
  • Additional options available upon request.
Dragon Dredge Model 860SL