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Animated Dredge Videos

Ellicott® cutterhead dredges are available in a variety of sizes and digging depths. Their heavy-duty design ensures longer product lifetime and a high return on investment.

The Ellicott’s Swinging Dragon® dredges are ideal for marinas, narrow waterways, and wetland restoration projects. Our swinging ladder dredges are simple to operate, efficient, and one-truck transportable. 

There is a wide range of material handling options available for disposal of dredged materials.  Such options include Mechanical Dewatering Systems for sediments, Dredge Material Placement Sites to contain pumped materials, Open Discharge systems for pumping materials directly on shore, and Dewatering Tubes to retain solids.

Ellicott Dragon® Dredges are useful in clearing inlets and harbors. Sand accumulation can completely block channels from boating traffic. An Ellicott Dragon® Dredge can be used to clear inlet channels. After the channel is dredged, boats can navigate safely.

Hydraulic dredging has multiple benefits over mechanical excavation.  For instance, hydraulic dredging presents the opportunity for reduced labor, less energy and emissions, fewer capital costs, and lower maintenance costs. Also, hydraulic dredging allows for direct transfer to the processing plant, which reduces the rehandling of material.

Spud Carriage Animation

The addition of a spud carriage system increases the total operating swing width of the dredge and improves a dredge’s overall productivity by allowing the operator to make several advances before having to reposition the working spud.  Our customized spud carriages can be paired with any of our dredges.