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Dredge Booster Pumps

Ellicott® dredge booster pump stations are used to increase the pumping distance for any given dredge. At the same time, booster pumps can also be used to increase production on medium to long distance pumping assignments.  The dredge booster pump allows the main dredge pump to operate at high percent solids without fear of running out of horsepower. 

In certain instances, booster pump stations may also take some of the load off the dredge pump and engine in the dredge itself. This helps prevent excessive wear and tear on the main dredge pump and engine. 

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Ellicott heavy-duty booster pump stations are designed and built as self-contained, skid-mounted units for use with any dredge.  We offer standard dredge booster pumps units for sale from 10” through 20” pump sizes from stock as diesel-powered, or as electric-powered custom units.

10” Discharge Size

  • John Deere 6090 Standard Engine
  • 325 HP  @ 2,200 RPM (242 kW @ 2,200 RPM)

14” Discharge Size

  • Caterpillar C-18 Standard Engine
  • 575 HP @ 1,800 RPM (428 kW @ 1,800 RPM)

18” Discharge Size

  • Caterpillar C-27 Standard Engine
  • 875 HP @ 1,800 RPM (652 kW @ 1,800 RPM)

20” Discharge Size

  • Caterpillar C-32 Standard Engine
  • 1,125 HP @ 1,800 RPM (838 kW @ 1,800 RPM)

Features Include:

  • Proven pump technology 
  • Durable and self-contained design
  • Integral Service Water Pump
  • Radiator Cooled
  • Skid-mounted
  • Optional Remote Control 
Custom-designed booster pump units built to customer specifications are also available, in diesel or electric drive.